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Must Read: Rain (A Story By Gracile) - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Margaret walks in holding two polythene bags. She empties the contents on the bed and says "sup" to Rain.

Rain responded, "good afternoon"

She took a silver dress and went over to the standing mirror, holding the dress against her plump frame.

" Is it okay? " she asked

"It's beautiful" Rain replied

"Look at the shoe, does it fit?" She said looking from the is silver heels to the is lover dress.

"Yes, its perfect" Rain responded flatly as she folded her clothes

"Ah ah, you doing don't even look.."

"I am fine. It's all fine, beautiful.. Everything you bought s beautiful okay" she finished and zipped up her small bag.

Meggy scanned the room briefly " Are you going somewhere? " she inquired

"Yes. I'm going home

" I hope there's no problem? " concern creasing her eyes.

Rain paused momentarily, "No. No problem"

Meggy was unconvinced, but ignored it and continued

"You haven't even commented on my new hair, Rain"

"Oh don't mind me it smells nice" Rain said, with a plastic smile.

"So it doesnt look nice eh?" Her brows raised up

"No its not that bad"

"Give me a razor I'm loosing it right now!"

"C'mon. I said its not looking bad"

"I don't just want it " not looking bad", I need it on clerk for tomorrow's night; speaking if which, hope you will be around? "

"I just told you I will be travelling"

"Can't you leave it till the morning after? Babe, you don't want to miss this party o"

"I wish to be around but t this is urgent trust me"

Meggy folded her arms and tilted her head sideways obviously expecting an explanation.

"It's a long story okay, and none of your business she sighs. Just take lots of pictures, I trust you, and you'll gist me all about it when I come back"

"When are you coming back"

"Soon..don't worry I'll call every night to tuck you in bed, you won't miss me too much eh"

"Get out"

Rain bursted out laughing

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