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Asuka gagged as her friends forced her mouth over Kenny’s J0yst!ck.
“Ummm, isn’t this going a bit too far?” Kenny asked.

“NO. We need to teach her a lesson” Myra said.
She and Phoebe forced her head down until they heard her retch, her hands waving frantically.

They released her and she fell back coughing and panting for air, tears streaming down her face.

“Hey look what I found” Phoebe announced. She magically produced a dildo and was waving it in the air.
“WHA…WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT?” Asuka coughed in alarm.
“You’ll see.” Phoebe said. She pushed a surprised Asuka on her back, her legs spread in all directions. Myra jumped down and held her legs apart.
“HEY!!! YOU GUYS!!!!” yelled Asuka.
Phoebe knelt between her legs and inserted the dildo into her friend’s cunt. Asuka screamed at first but after a few pushes by Phoebe, she began to squirm and m0an. Kenny stared on in disbelief.
“I think she’s ready for you now.” Myra said, staring at Kenny’s J0yst!ck.

Kenny stood up and knelt between Asuka’s legs.

Phoebe grabbed his J0yst!ck and guided it to Asuka’s cl!t, rubbing the head against it a few times. She positioned him at the entrance of her opening.
“Kenny, please rock her world.”
“Yes, Miss Phoebe.”

Kenny plunged in, prompting a loud m0an from Asuka. He began to push his hips up and down as his J0yst!ck ploughed her cunt deeper and deeper. Phoebe bent over and clamped her teeth on one of Asuka’s Tips. Myra did the same to the other, sU-Cking and nibbling and feeling it grow harder between her teeth.

Asuka felt like she was drowning. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body as her friends and Kenny ravaged her body. She was vaguely aware of all what was happening to her.

Through her half closed eyes, she saw Kenny tense again and Phoebe pull his J0yst!ck out of her. She watched as Phoebe jerked him off vigorously, his Pour shooting all over her tummy and breasts. She barely heard his loud groan as Phoebe stroked him over her.
“Yes!!! That’s it!!! Pour over her tummy!!!” Phoebe breathed as she jerked Kenny over Asuka
For the next hour or so, they continued on Asuka. Phoebe and Myra got rid of their clothes at some point and had double-titfu-Cked Kenny till he blasted whatever remaining jizz his ravaged balls could produce over their tits. They had taken turns to sU-Ck him off, spitting out their dribble all over their friend’s limp body.
Finally, Kenny raised his hand in surrender. Asuka lay on the floor passed out, while Phoebe and Myra lay on each side of him. Finally, his stiff rod had lost its will to continue and had gradually began to deflate.
“Look!!! We did it!!!” Myra yelled in glee.
“Kenny, I never knew you had this much energy” Phoebe said, staring at his J0yst!ck in admiration.
“Let’s just be sure he goes down properly” Myra stated. They looked over at Asuka who lay at the foot of the bed. “You still hungry for more?”
Asuka waved at them weakly. “No” she squeaked, unable to move. Her Pour-smeared body still trembled from the assault she had endured over the last hour.
“Good. We’re going to give Kenny a cold bath”.
The three of them still Unclad, Phoebe and Myra dragged Kenny to the bathroom. They switched on the shower and shuddered as the cold spray hit them. The two girls grabbed the soap and began to rub it over his body. Kenny weakly replied, caressing both girls. They both wrapped their hands around his shaft and to his dismay, he began to grow hard again.
“Wow Kenny, you are more than a stud. You are a HORSE!!!”

Phoebe slipped to her knees, her eyes level with Kenny’s J0yst!ck.
“Yummy, looks good enough to eat again. What do you think, Myra?”
Myra joined her on the floor. “Sure. He seems…”UP” for it.”
Myra chuckled at her joke as she watched her friend slip Kenny’s J0yst!ck in her mouth. They both took turns to sU-Ck him hard.

Kenny said a silent prayer. He prayed these girls didn’t devour him before his dad and his step mum got back from their trip.

It was definitely going to be a long summer.

***THE END***


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