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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Kwadjo Boateng argued with his mother over the job issue. His mother explained to him, the troubles she goes through everyday on the streets to put food on the table as well as money in his pocket. ‘mummy, I am not saying don’t work but that is the root that caused you your education, your family and brought me and a whole lot of troubles. Just forget about the job please’ the young man was very firm with the decision.

‘my son, after all those troubles, I have you.
I am very proud of you. Because of you, I don’t regret going through those problems. My family, my school and friends can go, I still have you’

Kwadjo was not too convinced about what his mother said. He just wanted her to avoid the job so not to bring back painful memories.

‘if that is the case, I will get a part time job to support you’. Kwadjo said.

‘that would take much of your studies time. And on a more serious note, you won’t get a good paying company to work with. Even those who have completed are still home so please let me do the job’ Maame Adwoa pleaded with her son. Kwadjo had no option than to give up the fight since his mother was firm with her decision.

‘Mother, please think carefully before you take up that job’… Maame Adwoa promised to be careful with her decision.

Mrs Benson entered her daughter’s room with a broad smile across her cheeks. She knew hiring the services of a caretaker would make the house lively and her daughter wouldn’t feel lonely and rejected as she seemed to put it.

‘what is the smile about’ Clara asked without much enthusiasm. She was not interested in striking a conversation with her mother.

‘guess what’… Mrs Benson said with delight.

‘the only guess I can do is, you have probably won a contract which is worth millions of dollars’ Clara was not interested in the conversation. Mrs Benson realised it.

She rebuked her and told her not to think ill of her like that.

‘mum, I don’t think I lied, it’s the truth.
You are only happy with your business and not with your only daughter. Dad is even worse’

she spat out the words carelessly. Mrs Benson was hurt but kept it to herself.

‘I will always say this. You are our daughter and want the best for you. We want to hire the services of a woman who would keep you company when you are home. What do you think…’ she still had the smile on her face.

‘that would be better at least’ she rolled her eyes and left her mother in the room.
Mrs Benson saw her daughter’s unhappiness. She had wanted to ask why but that would’ve resulted in a quarrel.

Clara dressed up and left the house to her friend’s house. Dorothy was going out when Clara knocked on her door. She opened and welcomed the young lady.

‘this is the third week of vacation and you have not bothered to look for me. Which kind of friend be this now?’ Clara said. She sat on one of the plastic chairs in the room.

[B] ‘same thing applies to you. When last did you called to check up on me?… Dorothy asked.

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