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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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‘Dorothy, let’s put the blame game aside. Something is really eaten me up. I need your help’ Clara said fidgeting with her wrist watch. Dorothy stopped what she was doing and focused her attention on her friend. She had known Clara since childhood. She knew her friend was from a very well to do home but always complained bitterly about her parents who seemed to be busy with their business and haven very little time for her. She thought her friend’s problem had to do with her parents.

‘Clara what is it again? Dorothy asked the young lady who looked like the the world was against her.

‘it’s about Kwadjo Boateng. I took him home on the day of vacation thinking he would be impressed with our wealth but’…
She paused

‘but what? Tell me’ Dorothy got closer to her

‘the young man has refused to pick my calls since he left the house and that is driving me insane. I really love the young man. I lose my senses anytime he is around me. I don’t know what to do now’ Clara concluded. She had tears on her cheeks. Clara saw the intensity of the problem.

Dorothy paced about in the room and thought about a solution. Her phone rang. She attended to it. ‘I am sorry for keeping you waiting. I have a visitor. I will bring her along if you wouldn’t mind’… The caller agreed to entertain Dorothy’s friend.

‘that was my boyfriend. We have a date and I wouldn’ t mind if you come along’ Dorothy smiled at her friend who seemed to be lost in her own world. ‘no no no, I don’t think that would be necessary . Go and have fun. I will be fine’ Clara stood up and was about to leave.

‘wait a minute. If you are not coming with me then I guess I would have to cancel the date as well and be with you’ Dorothy had no regret on her face. Her smile was genuine.

‘okay, I give up the fight. I will go with you’ Clara raised her hands as a sign of surrender.

She threw herself back it the the plastic chair.

‘hey girl, my chair is not foam. It is plastic. Please handle it with care’ Dorothy rolled her eyes after saying that. The two young ladies burst into laughter. ‘I think my guy can help us with the issue concerning Kwadjo Boateng, the handsome paddy who is tearing your heart apart’. Dorothy tried to pull her legs. ‘that was not funny’ Clara chided and the room went silent.

Clara wasn’t comfortable with the idea of going to be an interference with her friend’s date same way she was not going to let it go wasted just because of her. They boarded a taxi and went to Lizzy Sport Complex at East Legon.

Nicholas spotted the two young ladies when they entered the complex. He got up from his seat and welcomed them with a smile. They sat down and Nicholas ordered for drinks. ‘I wouldn’t have believed it’s you if I saw you in town. You have grown into a perfect beautiful young lady’… Clara smiled shyly at what the young man said. ‘I hope you are not going to use her for your articles. GIJ students want to write an article about anything that comes into contact with their site’…

‘Dorothy, you got it all wrong this time around. Change your mentality about GIJ students. We do a lot of articles but not just anything that comes to mind’ the young man countered. They giggled and took a sip of their drinks.

‘I must confess that this place is cool’. Clara voiced out her delight.

‘yeah! Sure. This is one of the best place you can hide when you are tired with work or school life. Anyway, tell me Clara, what have you been doing after high school? Nicholas’s question puzzled Clara.

‘you mean to say Dorothy has not mention to you we are in the same school?’
shock was written all over Clara’s face.

Dorothy introduced Nicholas to Clara as her senior from Junior High School when he and his team went to their High school to evangelized.
Way back in junior high school, Nicholas was in form three and a chaplain prefect when Dorothy entered form one. Nicholas got attracted to her when he had a meeting with the Juniors. He prayed to God to take away the feeling because he deemed it not right to date at that age.

He didn’t set eyes on the young lady for almost three years after completing school.

Fate brought them together when he was in his final year in senior high School, when he and his friend’s went to St. Mary’s Senior School to speak the gospel to them. That was where he met Dorothy again. The feeling he had for her sprung up again but he tried to focus on his studies and believed in his heart that God will put them together if they were meant for each other, when the right time was due and truly he met her again when he was invited by youth for Christ to speak to them at Dorothy’s vicinity. He spoke to her after the service and Dorothy disclosed to him that she had gained admission to the university of Ghana. His joy knew no bounds.

He felt it was right for them to get together.

‘I don’t think she has done that’ Nicholas answered. ‘he is right. I haven’t done that. I don’t think it’s right to be carrying people’s matter around and telling everyone’ Dorothy defended herself. ‘I guess she is right. She did the right thing’ Clara agreed. They both went silent.
Nicholas was in his own world. He had two ladies from the university he met Kwadjo Boateng. He felt an urge to ask them about him but felt it was not right to involve them.

Clara prayed Dorothy wouldn’t raise the topic of Kwadjo Boateng. Dorothy also prayed her friend would drop the topic of Kwadjo Boateng.

The atmosphere got tensed without their notice…

To be continued………….

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