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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Kwadjo carried his luggages to the porters lodge and a room key was given to him. He was exhausted and angry when he got to his room.
He had three bags on him expecting someone to help him carry but no one did. ‘Youth of today have got no manners. They are very selfish in whatever they do. I would’ve helped if it was someone else’.

He tried to flash the anger from his system and reason with his head. His heart went out to his mother for being very supportive in everything. She was all he had known as his family. ‘why is my mum not telling me anything about her family as well as my father. what could be her reason’ He thought hard but couldn’t figure out any reason. He brushed the idea out of his memory and went out with
intention of reading every notice he would see. He went went back to the room when he was abreast with all the information he needed.

He took a sheet of paper and wrote down whatever he would need to do to win the hearts of his lecturers. He hid it under his things.

He found what he had written down somehow funny and therefore didn’t wanted anyone to see it.

Maame Adwoa tried to figure out where she would get money to start business all over again.
Unknown to Kwadjo Boateng, she sold all her wares and gathered every money she had on herself to pay for his tuition fees and other bills.
She took her basket and went to the shop where she had been buying her wares and pleaded with the owner of the place to give her goods on credit. The owner of the shop, Madam Yaa Mansah knew how hard working and truthful Maame Adwoa was and gave her whatever she needed on credit. Kwadjo’s mother thanked Yaa Mansah for being there for her and her son. ‘talking about your son, how far with his education’ Yaa Mansah asked with concern. ‘He went to school this morning. He is the reason I am buying these goods on credit’ Maame Adwoa answered though busy with the arrangement of her goods. ‘Don’t worry, God will see him through.

Anyway, do pass by for provisions whenever you are going to visit him’.
Maame Adwoa was very appreciative of Yaa Mansah.

The two women had been business partners closed to five years and Yaa Mansah trusted her so much that she can leave her store for her for days without worrying about her sales.

Maame Adwoa after arranging her goods, thanked the shop owner and left the shop.
Yaa Mansah bit her lips when she remembered her own son who was stubborn beyond control and wished he was like Kwadjo Boateng.

Maame Adwoa went hawking with her goods with joy in her heart. She was certain that within a short possible time, her suffering would be over. Her son though had just started university, she had the end in mind.

Kwadjo Boateng’s first day at lectures was a mixed feeling. He Just sat on his chair and stared at the lecturer who was busly bluffing.

He didn’t know whether to get frightened or not.

The lecturer was saying things to scare them but the young man tried hard to be undefeated in his mind. When the lecture was over, he brought out from his breast pocket, the piece of paper he had written down the things he would do to win the hearts of lecturers. He read all secretly and thought hard which one to use on the tough lecturer. He waited for everyone to leave the hall before exiting but to his surprised, there was a lady glued to her seat in the hall. Kwadjo glanced at where she was sitting and their eyes met.

The young lady shyly looked away. The young man wanted to strike a conversation but didn’t know what to say. He was himself shy.

He gathered courage, turned to her direction and said ‘hi’. ‘hello’ was all she could also say. They were both shy. Kwadjo went back to what he was doing. Was he really doing something? ‘So what is your name and your hostel? . He asked without looking back.
There was no reply. He turned only to see the lady was gone. She used the back door. Kwadjo sat still not knowing what to say or do.

He just couldn’t figure out why the lady left without saying anything to him. ‘I hope I didn’t say anything to make her angry’ he asked no one in question.

Kwadjo left to his hall to rest. he had two things in mind. The lady at the hall and the lecturer. he blamed himself for making the lady leave. ‘I guess she wouldn’t have left if I had kept quiet and focused on what I was doing.

The young man realised he was thinking too much of the lady instead of focusing on how to win the heart of the so called tough lecturer.

He left the hall and went to the lecturer’s office.

‘welcome my son, you may have a seat’ the lecturer said with a soft voice. The young man couldn’t believe his ears. Was it not the same lecturer who was scaring the hell out of his students some minutes ago? He just couldn’t understand anything that was happening.

‘The look on your face says surprised surprised surprised… You have every right to be.
When we become soft to our students, they take it as our weakness. That is why we try to be tough during lectures. I know why you are here’
he said to the young man who still couldn’t fathom what was happening.

The lecturer gave him a pamphlet with the title “the secret antidote to winning the lecturer’s heart”. Kwadjo Boateng thanked the lecturer and left his office still amazed. ‘oh so if you don’t get close to them, you will think they are tough. oh I see’ he thought. Just as he was walking along the way, he met the lady who he had an encounter with earlier in the day at the lecture hall…

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