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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Previously on Soul In Tears.. Kwadjo Boateng after talking to his mother, escorted her to the lorry park and she boarded a trotro and left.

Kwadjo Boateng upon reaching the campus, met a young man of his age who prophecied doom about his future…

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Kwadjo Boateng was dumbfounded. He just stared at the young man till he was out of site. He didn’t know whether to think about his mother’s story or focus his attention on what the young man disclosed to him. He left to his hostel confused in his mind. He lied on his bed when he entered the room. His roommates saw his confused state but left him alone since he did not talk to them. ‘your friend came to look for you’ Isaac said without looking at Kwadjo. He was busy chatting with his girlfriend.
Isaac expected a response from Kwadjo but the young man said nothing. ‘Boateng, I was talking to you. Clara came looking for you’ Isaac repeated, this time turning to Kwadjo’s direction. Kwadjo still didn’t answer. Did he even heard what his roommate said. The answer is a big no. He was in his own confused world.

He thought of the pending doom that lied ahead of him which was going to be a big blow to his mother. What made him more confused was, the young man was not specific with him and that made him want to know the evil that lies ahead of him. He heard someone calling his name from afar. He immediately realised where he was.

‘This is serious. What are you engrossed in.
What has occupied your mind so much that you never heard me calling you’
Isaac said staring at the young man who looked like hell was breaking lose on him. Kwadjo pretended to be fine. He felt he had been a big burden to his mother and was in no position to be a burden to his mates with his problems. Agyapong told him plainly that they were not kids and therefore he should stop lying to them. ‘sorry guy’s, you are right. Something is eaten me up.

There is this cute girl at my area that I love so much but this young lady has refused to give me a chance’
he lied. His roommates burst into laughter.

‘so that is the reason why you were lying there very lost in your mind. My guy you for shun the fooling. You are a handsome guy my man. Just forget about this crazy girl and move on.
Someone is dying for your affection’…

‘Isaac is very right. I have observed that Clara is madly in love with you. Give it a try’…

Kwadjo thought framing a topic would make him relieved but they added another problem to his unsolved problems. He had never thought of Clara being in love with him. He only saw her as a wonderful friend. Their friendship had become stronger and he never thought of love..

The only true love he knew was that of his mother. His roommates rattled on and on about Clara till he got fed up. He Thanked them when they told him Clara was there earlier to look for him. He left the room, given his friends the impression that he was going to look for the young lady.

Maame Adwoa got to the house very much relieved. Talking about her hurts to her son, made her feel she was a new person. The pain she had harboured in her heart for years was gone. She held on to a new hope that some day soon, life was going to get better. ‘life will definitely get better when my son is out of school. As for his dad, he should remain in his own world’ she said with renewed strength. She took her diary and wrote how she felt after telling her son about his father….

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