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Must Read: The Beauty Queen (A Short Story By Akposb) - Season 1 - Episode 4
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They hurried to the hall where the party was gradually winding down. The number of guests had thinned out as the hours counted. Rita led her to a corner of the hall where Madam Tiko sat on a chair facing two men. One of the men was dark and had a huge stature. He wore an agbada and laughed often. The other who was much younger wore a shirt and a pair of denim. Madam Tiko stood up immediately she saw Ewoma.

‘’Yes, Chief we now have a new queen.’’

Ewoma stared in revulsion as the Chief licked his lips. She hated the lust that was visible in the eyes of the Chief but nevertheless she smiled and curtsied.

‘’Ewoma, Chief Obaje here is a major donor to my organization and he has just agreed to sponsor the activities you will be engaged in.’’

Sponsor did not appear meaningful at that point as Ewoma smiled broadly in anticipation of his generous assistance. She was ready to forget the lust in his eyes just for the sake of his donation. Madam Tiko was not done as a little non-verbal exchange happened between her and the Chief.

‘’ Ewoma, please come with me.’’

They walked out of the mini-bar and headed for the section where rooms were located. Madam Tiko led her past three rooms and then opened the fourth one. The room was tastefully furnished. They sat on the edge of the smoothly la!d bed.

‘’I want you to accompany the Chief to his hotel,’’ Madam Tiko said.

‘’Okay ma?’’

‘’I hope you understand the reason?’’

‘’No ma’’

‘’Okay…I like you and I hope you to realize the opportunity you have right now,’’ Madam Tiko smiled.

‘’Yes ma.’’

‘’That is good. I will like to tell you something that is very important.’’

Madam Tiko proved to be an avid marketer in that moment as she detailed the financial realities of her organization. She was just a hustler. Her foundation was almost crumbling and the beauty contest was one of the few major life-lines she had left. She needed Ewoma’s help to pull this through. The blank expression on Ewoma’s face showed her discomfort even after she had listened to the speech.

‘’I want you to sleep with Chief.’’

‘’Ma…that is not right,’’ She protested.

‘’ What do you mean.’’

‘’I am a virgin.’’

Madam Tiko chuckled.

‘’You will definitely lose it someday.’’

‘’Ma, I insist it is not right.’’

Madam Tiko hated the aversion on Ewoma’s face.

‘’You have no choice. Chief Obaje will not sponsor us if you don’t honour his request’’

There and then, she realized the importance and the meaning of the word ‘sponsor’.

‘’Ma, I don’t care.’’

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