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Must Read: The Beauty Queen (A Short Story By Akposb) - Season 1 - Episode 5
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‘’You must be joking,’’ Madam Tiko said sternly.

Madam Tiko stood up immediately and left the room. A short while later, Rita rushed into the room. Ewoma was still smarting from the discussion with Madam Tiko.

‘’What happened between you and Madam Tiko?’’ Rita asked as she sat beside her.

Rita was apprehensive. She still had shock on her face as she looked at Ewoma.

‘’A little misunderstanding’’ Ewoma replied.

‘’What do you mean, she was hysteric when I met her on the way.’’

‘’She wants me to have sex with that Chief.’’

Rita did not look surprised. Instead, she held Ewoma’s gaze for a while and then averted her eyes. They were quiet until the door of the room opened. Madam Tiko walked into the room followed closely by Edward. Ewoma and Rita stood up immediately.

‘’You are lucky, Chief understands you need a rest hence the meeting has been rescheduled,’’ suddenly she glared at Ewoma ‘’do well to rethink your stance.’’

She left with Edward leading the way. Silence took over the room and Ewoma left for the bathroom. She was flummoxed. She had a thought that she was entering for a life-changing assignment. Unfortunately, she was about to be confronted by a negative one. She had made her decision not to become a part of the ladies conquered by Chief Obaje but how far could she go especially with the vehement opposition of the owner of the brand she represents. She stripped and entered into the bathtub. The shower brought some measure of comfort to her troubled mind. Rita was already sleeping when she entered the room. She hated the silence in the room and slowly rested with the hope of jetting off to a world of pleasant dreams.

Ewoma woke up early the next morning. She stretched lazily with dazed eyes but was able to see Rita staring at her. She rubbed her eyes.

‘’How are you?’’ Rita asked.

‘’I am fine. You are up already?’’ Ewoma asked as she heaved herself.

‘’Yes, just watching over the queen,’’ Rita smiled.

‘’You aren’t serious,’’ Ewoma blushed.

She stood up from the bed and sauntered to the bathroom. Looking out of the window, she discovered it was still dark. She washed her face and walked back into the room.

‘’It is still early,’’ Ewoma said.

‘’Are you surprised? Come, let’s discuss’’ Rita said.

She went and sat astride Rita.

‘’So what plans do you have?’’ Rita asked.

‘’I have so many.’’

She went on to list her thoughts and plans for the year. She wanted to help the girl child and make sure they were adequately equipped to be independent. Also, she would use her office as a leverage to campaign for the rights of the less privilege and physically challenged members of the society. All through, she had a coy smile on her face while Rita looked on with seeming disinterestedness.

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