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Must Read: The Beauty Queen (A Short Story By Akposb) - Season 1 - Episode 6
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‘’What about you?’’ Rita asked.

‘’I already got my dues,’’ Ewoma replied.

‘’What about me?’’

Ewoma looked on bemused. Rita was crossed and the moments that followed was quite nerve racking. Ewoma was not used to being put on the spot but she knew her friend wanted a reply. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door.

‘’Who is it?’’ Ewoma asked.


‘’Okay, a moment’’

She was not fully dressed and she hurried to fetch a short from her bag which she wore. Edward was leaning on the wall. Ewoma expected the smile but there was none. She greeted him and he replied coldly. His eyes were red and he looked so much like one who had been deprived of his night rest. Edward broke the silence. He had come to plead for her cooperation. He made her understand the harm she would cause Madam Tiko’s brand if they were to lose a money bag like Obaje. After listening to his speech, Ewoma was flagger basted. Edward was serious and this infuriated her. She could barely imagine what he was thinking as to encourage her to become an escort of Obaje. She gave him a terse reply.

‘’I am not a prostitute.’’

The effect of the statement was like a bombshell judging by the silence that followed the statement. Edward was shocked and he shook his head in confusion. He made an attempt to speak but it seemed words betrayed him. He retreated slowly and then turned around. Ewoma hated his guts but she felt calm amidst the seeming storm. She could easily have heed her parents’ plea to give attention to her studies. She rested on the wall for support and also as a last resort to ward off her fears and worries. She returned to the room once she felt better. Rita was in the bathroom and this gave her some respite. The proverb ‘’uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’’ aptly described her present state.

Rita came shortly after she sat on the bed. She looked radiant with the towel tied just above her b0s0m.

‘’You should go and have your bath,’’ Rita said.

‘’All right’’

Ewoma stood up from the bed and entered the bathroom. The cold feel of the water as it poured on her brought momentary relief to her troubled mind. She felt calm amidst the brewing storm. She felt no regret that she had got involved with a brand that saw nothing wrong in giving young girls away to lascivious men like Obaje. On entering the room, she found Rita applying some cosmetics to her face at the dresser. Silence had suddenly become a norm among them and she was gradually growing accustomed to it. She went to the wardrobe, brought out her cream and started applying it on her body. She kept her eyes on Rita who continued with her task oblivious of her presence. She was not used to such attitude from her closest friend.

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