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Must Read: The Brand Of X - Season 1 - Episode 4
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' You would never wish you knew. Its best you don't. For your sake and mine, the less you know the better. I promise, no harm will come your way. '

After listening to his story, he felt compassion for the young man.

Anyone could believe him. He was good at it, but always lost the argument battle with women. He had been a good man once, very pure, but events and situation swung him with the wind of change. His brothers barely catered for him after he was forced to withdraw from the university, coupled with his parents untimely death.

The doors shut.

Benedict tried to open it, he was trapped.

' If you take me back to the police. You might save my life... Might' he said ' then a lot of people will die before tomorrow and you will bite yourself for as long as possible, knowing you could have saved them'

Benedict hoped he had convinced the man to help him.
' I'm Charles, by the way'. He said' where exactly are we headed, man?

Oh thank God. Ben thought as he hit his chest in relief. He relaxed when Charles slammed on the pedals and hit the road.

' Just drive ' Ben replied.


They had manoeuvred their way through the dead of the night. Cutting corners, avoiding traffic and especially the men in Blue and Black.

Ben asked if he could make a call with Charles' mobile.

'Sure ' Charles said and handed it to him but withdrew midway ' so you still want to collect mine. Na wa o. You get mind o Baba'

Ben laughed. ' No' he said.

' You are my saviour this night, why would I do such?

Charlie focused on the road. Ben wondered what he was up to as he pocketed it, he brought another , from under his dashboard, a nokia torchlight brand and handed it to him.

' Here, take this one. I keep it there for emergency'
After several trials to reach his loved ones, Ben decided to call his gang mate.

' Don't worry. I'm safe at least for now' he said to the man on the other end.

' Yes. ' He continued. ' I'll meet you when I'm done' he continued ' and please lay low. I think the Badoo gang is after us- or maybe someone more deadly.'

Ben paused ,then said ' Yes . My place'

He returned the phone, shocked by the expression on Charles' face, he was forced to ask 'what?

'Nothing, man. I'm just driving. Looking through my mirror. I tell you man, ' he continued ' you are one big mystery. One big mystery'

' Wait here ' Ben said as he hopped down.

' My payment, how do I get it?'

They had arrived and parked into a dark alley, but the headlamps of the Honda was still on. They only died away when Charles turned off the engine.

He stepped out and said 'I'm just concerned, I don't really need your money. I'm a bit curious though. Now what?

Ben appreciated his effort. He said he would take it from there.

' Man you need to see a doctor' Charles said .

He felt sympathy and empathy at the same time.

' I will survive. Took an Anti tetanus syringe already'

' Okay. One right?

He told Charles it had been twice in three days.

Charlie said it was bad. That it was supposed to be one in months, even years.

' Don't worry' Ben replied as he limped to an unfenced three storey building. ' What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger'

' Hey man ' Charlie called out ' our journey here was too easy. I don't know why, but be careful'

Sure it was, Ben thought but he was not letting down his guard. He limped to the back of the building.

He pulled down a ladder that led to a stairwell. It was just the typical replica of the American ghetto style. The same reason he chose the apartment in the first place.

He enjoyed freedom and the owner- A black american with Nigerian blood_ didn't care who or what lived inside the building, as long as you pay up when due. Even rats and cockroaches earned their space.

' I love this country' Ben uttered as he climbed the rails.
A dog's bark in the distance clouded the 'cooing' sound of an owl. The moon travelled joyfully across the skies and sure it was past midnight, a new day was here.

He pulled up the panes of his window. He was afraid of the silence in his apartment. He took a key from a wooden opening and gained entry past the window protectors.

As he switched on the lights, he ducked for cover at the sight of something on his centre table..

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