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Growing up for Edwin wasn’t as rosy as it was meant to be. Born into a family where both parents were too busy to take care or give him the attention he needed because they were too busy with their work.

Mr. Samuel; Edwin’s father, is a politician. He is currently the Senate President of Nigeria which usually comes with a lot of responsibilities on his part. He travelled a lot on business or national trips to different countries and when he wasn’t on a business trip, he was busy working on one contract or the other. Anytime he was opportune to take a break from work he never spends time with young Edwin, instead, he would send him to his Nanny or his friend’s children to play.

Mrs. Sandra; Edwin’s mother on the other hand is a world renowned fashion designer. Her fashion label “Elegance” is one of the biggest fashion labels in Africa. Being the sole owner of the company, she usually travel a lot to other countries to promote and sell her wears.

Although, young Edwin never lacked any material possession while growing up as his parents always provided all the material things he needed. He went to the best school, had an endless stack of clothes, had different brands of shoes and every material possession you could ever think of. But with all of that, young Edwin was singlehandedly taken care of by his nanny ‘Aunt Mary’. His parents were around and he barely knew them. He grew up to hate and despise his parents as they both neglected him when he was a child and he now took Aunt Mary as both his father and mother as she was the only one that showed him love when he was young. So he seeing his mother standing in front of him for the first time in a very long time, brought back the bad memories he had of her.

Edwin: I said what are you doing here? (Shouting angrily).

Mrs. Sandra: Calm down Edwin. I’m here to see you and also for us to talk.

Edwin: We have nothing to talk about so just leave me alone.

Mrs. Sandra: Listen my son, I know………..

Edwin: Don’t ever call me your son (Shouting angrily).

Mrs. Sandra: I know you must be hurting, I know you must be angry to see me here but I’m here to make things right. I’m here so that……….

Edwin: (laughs sarcastically) Make things right? Really? After all these years? You think now is the right time to make things right?

Mrs. Sandra: Please Edwin, Just give me a chance to mend things with you. Give me a chance to mend our relationship, PLEASE!!!

Edwin: Sorry Mrs. Sandra, there is absolutely nothing to mend over here.

Aunt Mary: Edwin!? No!! You can’t address her in that manner, she’s still your mother.

Edwin: Oh really? My mother? My mother? Sorry Aunt Mary but this woman isn’t my mother. For all I know, I don’t have a father or mother.

Mrs. Sandra: (crying) No! My son you do. I’m sorry for all I’ve made you pass through………..

Edwin: No!! You have no idea what I’ve gone through all these years. You have no idea how much I longed for you and Dad’s attention.
You have no idea all the sleepless nights I had just because I was waiting for either you or Dad to return. (Crying) You have no idea how many times I felt sad whenever I saw my friends with their parents. You have no idea how many times I have had to wait for you and Dad in any school event. So don’t appear out of the blue after so many years as if nothing had happened.

Mrs. Sandra: (Crying) I’m so sorry my son for all……….

Edwin: (Screaming) Stop calling me your son! Stop calling me your son!! I’m not your son, you’re not my mother. I hate you so much. Just leave me alone!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! (Walking out).

Mrs. Sandra: Edwin! Edwin!! Please wait, Please!! (Crying).

Aunt Mary: Oh Sandra, I’m so sorry (hugging her).

Mrs. Sandra: I’ve lost my son forever, I’ve lost my only child forever (Crying).

Aunt Mary: No Sandra you haven’t.
Edwin is just emotionally down right now. Just give him time, I’m sure he will eventually calm down and listen to you. You are still his mother, no matter what YOU ARE STILL HIS MOTHER! So just calm Sandra, it will be fine.

Mr. Sandra: Thank you Aunt Mary. You have been a blessing to us all since your arrival to this family. Thank you so much.

Aunt Mary: No problem my dear. Now calm down, stop crying and go rest.

* Edwin’s room *
As Edwin la!d on his bed, he reflected on his sudden appearance of his mother. He still couldn’t understand why the sudden change of heart by his mother.
‘Why is she back begging me to forgive her?”
“After all these years of neglect from both her and my father?”

“I’m sure she has motive for her to be doing this”

“I’m sure she does, after all the times she and Dad neglected me when I needed them”
Edwin thought as images of his earlier life began flooding his head.

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