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* Flashback *

Edwin at age 6
“Dad, Take a look at what I drew” Edwin said showing his Father the Dinosaur he drew.

“Edwin, can’t you see I’m busy? Go show your mother and don’t bother me again”
Mr. Samuel said as he went back to the files he was checking on his laptop.

“Okay” Edwin responded disappointed that his father had turned him away.

“Mum, take a look at what I drew” Edwin said as he walked into his mother’s room.

“Not now baby, mummy is busy” Mrs. Rose said fully engrossed with the paperwork in front of her.

“Okay” Edwin said as he walked dejectedly to the living room.

“What’s wrong Edwin? You don’t look happy” Aunt Mary asked as she walked into the living room.

“Mummy and Daddy are too busy to see my drawing” Edwin said looking gloomy.

“Oh poor baby, don’t worry I’m sure they will look at it later” Aunt Mary said with a smile on her face.

“Okay” Edwin stated still looking gloomy.

“Why don’t I take a look at what you drew?” Aunt Mary asked as she sat down beside him.

“Sure” Edwin replied wholeheartedly.

“Hmm Nice drawing, I really like it”
Aunt Mary said as she looked at Edwin’s drawing.

“Really?” Edwin asked.

“Yeah, sure. It’s a really nice drawing” Aunt Mary replied with a smile.

“Thanks Aunt Mary” Edwin said smiling for the first time since the whole incident.

* Edwin during his graduation from High school *

“Yeah I know, my parents just arrived”
Daniel said.

“Cool, that means we can all have a group photo with our parents” Clement said.

“But Edwin, have your parents showed up yet?” Felix asked.

“Well, they haven’t arrived yet but I’m sure they will eventually come. They promised they would” Edwin said trying not to sound nervous.

“Alright, let’s go in now, it’s about to start” Clement as they all rushed in.

* 2 hours in *

“Aunt Mary, have my parents arrived?”
Edwin asked as he walked up to where she sat.

“Well, they haven’t. But don’t worry, I’m sure they will. They are probably stuck in traffic” Aunt Mary said trying to light up the situation.

“Alright, but when they do get here, please let me know” Edwin said.

“Sure….. Sure, I will definitely do that” Aunt Mary replied nervously.

* At the end of the graduation ceremony *

“Hey guys, C’mon let’s go have the group right now”
Clement suggested.

“Sure why not, let’s all go get our parents” Daniel added.

“Yeah” they all chorused.

“Aunt Mary, did my parents come?” Edwin asked as he spotted her amongst the crowd.

“Well…… I’m sorry to say this but they couldn’t make it” Aunt Mary said looking downcast.

Edwin asked shocked over what he just heard.
“Hey!! Eddy, get over here, it’s time” Felix screamed.

“Okay…….I’m coming” Edwin said as he slowly walked over to where they all stood.

“What happened Eddy? Where are your parents?”
Daniel asked a bit confused.

“Well, they didn’t come” Edwin replied looking downcast.

“What! You mean your parents didn’t come to their son’s graduation ceremony?” Clement asked surprised over what he just heard.

“Oh yeah, I think your father told me he and your mother were going to attend a programme today” Mr. Richard; Daniel’s father said.

“Oh really? And they told me they were coming today? Anyway no problem, who needs them” Edwin said.

“Okay folks, let’s get in position for the photoshoot” the photographer said as he got to where they stood.

“Aunt Mary, do you mind taking the photoshoot with us” Edwin asked.

“Sure why not” Aunt Mary replied.

“Alright everyone, say Cheese!!!” The photograph asked.

“CHEESE!!!” They chorused.

* Flashback ends *

“God, I can’t think clearly while I’m in this house. I need some fresh air” Edwin said as he walked out of his room towards the front door.

“Edwin!! Wait!! Please listen to me. Don’t leave!!” Mrs. Rose called out as she saw him leaving the house.

“Leave me alone! Leave me alone!!” Edwin roared as he [email protected] the door shut after him.

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