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Must Read: Torn!!! - Season 1 - Episode 51
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Dantenimu stood outside the emergency room.

Several thoughts ran through his mind.

He blamed Funmike’s family for her present condition. She was the love of his life. How he wish he could take her place. He would trade his life for hers without thinking twice.

A female doctor came out of the emergency room and turned to the couple.

“We found toxins in her system. We flushed it out, but, she is still unconscious. You brought her here rather too late.”

Jibike jumped to her feet, “Please tell me that my baby will be okay,” tears gathered in her eyes.

“We will do our best ma, but, you need to pray,” the doctor returned to the emergency room.

She turned to her husband and collasped in his arms. Foluke and Folake held gazes. It dawned on them that their sister was in a critical condition.

Dantenimu faced Funmike’s family, “We need to pray.”

They looked up at him.

“We need a miracle, it is only God that can save her now.”

“Let’s pray,” Ajibade held his wife’s hand and beckoned at his daughters.[

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