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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I removed my hands from Lois and Lucy as Dooshima and Vivian came to our side. I gave Dooshima hand for a shake, she objected and requested for a hug which I granted. I wanted to extend same to Vivian but she just ignored me and went to greet her friends Lois and Lucy, I pretended as if nothing happened in order not to feel embarrass.

I went ahead them to the classroom as they chit-chat(girls’ talk), as I entered I saw an empty seat which can take upto 5 students, I sat there alone as I opened my book and began to glance awaiting lesson. Few minutes time they all came in and sat in the same chair but I ignored all of them, Vivian sat immediate my right hand side and Dooshima immediate my left as Lois and Lucy both sat on either sides after Vi and Doo. I kept on reading my book pretended as if I did not see anybody, we sat there for about 20minutes, Lois then said, “Peter how va na, why are you moody or quiet like this” I ignored them. “What happen na guy, why don’t u wanna talk, you suddenly changed your mood why”? Lois asked, still no reply from me. As I just sat there thinking of how to punish this Vivian of a thing.

Dooshima started using her elbow to hit me lightly, I pretended not to know, she did it like 5 times my eyes was fixed on my book. Suddenly our mathematics master entered as we all greeted him as he did same too. He introduced himself as Mr Samuel Anuks. He started the lesson, my seat was unusually quiet compared to other chairs where you see one or two students talking and laughing.

As the man was teaching, he will write a question on the board, as he will be explaining before he could finish I have solved it already, the gals were staring @me like a magician. I did this for most of the solvings he did correctly, he wrote a question and asked the class to solve, in no time I have done mine. He asked if any student will come out and solve on the board non dared, all eyes were on me, I put my eyes on my book, the four gals on my chair had copied it already, they were expecting me to go out and solve it but I never moved an inch.

The man was getting furious as no body go out to solve, suddenly Vivian raised up her hands, she was permitted and she walked like giant to the board and started solving, mind you she cramed everything.

She solved everything correctly and then the man asked her to explain, that was when she hook, she couldn’t explain it, she did her best sha but you know how it is when you copied someone’s work na. The teacher then asked the class to clap for her as we all did, I was just smilling @ her, as she was about coming to her seat, the teacher called her and asked her privately to tell him whose work she copied and she pointed @ me, yekpa!!! I was called out to go and solve it and explain.

I went out as me and Vivian jamed on the space provided, I looked @ her with an evil eyes and she almost jump, I went to the board resolved the question and explained to the amazement of the teacher. He was just staring at me shocked, he asked me why I didn’t come out when he said we should, I told him I wnt to avoid embarrassment.
I went back to my seat and Vivian said to me…………..peter…………

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