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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 13
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When she (Dooshima) asked me where I was, and if I was with a grl I thought of what to say, I thought of saying No or maybe I should say Yes. I told her “what if am with a gal, is it bad”? She hesitated before she said she never say so, I asked her why she asked den she told me nothing that she just wanna know wen I will come back. I told her to wait that am coming right away.

I ate with Jenny, promised her of coming back by 9t and told her I will rushed and settle d gal before the tutoria. I went and met Dooshima sitting at ma door post, I begged her that am sorry for not being @ home, she accepted and I ushered her in, I told her I don’t have anything @ home, she said No Problem that she has eating @home. We chatted for a while because Jenny will soon b coming so I didn’t try any foul play to avoid being caught.
After 20minutes I heard a knock on my door I asked the person to come in and it was Jenny as expected, she came in thank God we were not doing any stuff. She joined in our chat as I dressed up and we left for tutorial, I asked the girls to take d two chairs in my room as chairs won’t b enough there.

We got to Vivian’s house and we begin the lesson, it was fun except Vivian that was somehow not comfortble, she wasn’t happy as she never participated in what we were saying, I just ignored her. After the lesson, we dismissed and I didn’t see my phone again I asked who took and it was Lucy that took it, she said she wanna make use of it wheneva she finish she will bring it for me. We went home me and Jenny and Lucy and Lois, as we got to my house I requested my phone but Lucy declined, she said she will bring it for me, I told Jenny will show by her side around 10pm as I will go out and check one of ma guys, felaz u shud understand by now na, what Lucy is upto am ready to follow her up.

Around 6pm I saw Lucy by my door with ma phone, I collected my phone, she asked if I won’t let her in, I told her she was free.

She came in and sat on the bed, I was removing my cloth to put on casual and Lucy started laughing I asked why, and she said, “why your boxer d rise na”? I looked downward but I didn’t noticed any rise in ma d–k, I didn’t even feel it at all, when she asked this question, I just smiled in my mind, green light and it all depends on what I replied her. “Well maybe bcause an angel is in the same room with it, abi which thing will see an angel like you and not salute” she grin sheepishly, well code accepted. “So is it only when some one like me enter it room that it salute”? “Nope, not so but when some one spectacular like u did, u are beautiful and charming, and believe me my c–k can rise to any level for you” I drop the shirt I was about to wear and went towards the bed, this time around my c–k is actually rising gradually, she never moved, she just lie de staring at me as I was about getting closer to the bed, she stood up and grabbed me. Mehn u need to see kissing, she deed it as if her life depended on it. Now I know I will be going for “all night” therefore no need to waste much energy with this one here. I took my mouth straight to her b0s0m, I started the sU-Cking and straight under her as I fingered her, u don’t need to know the feelings na, she was on Heaven Seven. I raised to start the “Launch-pad” style, she placed her foot on my chest with her femur on her chest, now this is d advance missionary style, I [email protected] her so hard, I will penetrate deep and then faster and faster and then slow down again, she wasn’t herself again, she was m0an!ng, before I knew it she has c-m.
I switched her to the “Jelly-Fish” position where I placed her on my kneels as I knelt we [email protected] together, mehn dis gal is hot just wished I never wanna go anywher, we [email protected] together, we did this for about 30minutes and I c-m, we lay on the bed as I kissed her and carress her b0s0m.

She got up at about and started preparing to go that she has somtin to do @ home, I asked her to sleep over (Pretext), she declined and I escorted her. I came back dressed up and headed to Jenny’s place……

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