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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I heard woooow!! And I just couldn’t believe it when I asked her how she felt and she said it was a pleasure she cannever forget. “Peter, u ar such a genius, I was scared from the onset but how you did it amazed me that I didn’t even feel most of the things I heard that people feel when they do it first”.

I was very elated for hearing that. I embraced her and told her not to worry that nothing will happen.

I asked her to sleep but not without telling her that we will do it again inthe morning, she was a bit scared but I assured her not to fret. “Believe me baby, early morning s-x is the best s-x ever as at the time all the systems in the body will be at rest and this time s-x will increase and enhance the functioning of your body system.
She accepted and we slept off. Around 5am she woke me up and told me if we can do it again as I said, I woke up stretched myself and asked her if she can still do it and she accepted that she can’t stop having me. On hearing this I was excited as my small man was coming up already.

I drew close to her on d bed as she came over me facing me with her b—-t pressing aginst my chest, that morning I breath a hot breath over her body, I kissed her passionately as she responded with eagerness, we were kissing as if our life depended on it, dis time around no more gently again.

I went to the veejay and it was all wet, wow, her n—-e was now stronger than kernel. I kissed her lips as we entered into a french kiss, I raised her hips put a pillow under her waist, opened her two legs wide and sU-Ck her veejay that there was no more liquid (literally), I bite her c–t gently as she squirk under me, I keep doing dis until she came, I asked her to give me blow-job, she started like an amarture but as she keep doing it she was really getting into me, my pre-c-m was gathering momentum, my c–k was becoming stronger and stunt.

As she keep the blow-job on, my waist began cracking I knew my c-m is ready I asked her to do it faster as she t—-t in and out faster, I couldn’t hold it as I opened my bowel and it all came over her, she rushed to where she kept water and wash her mouth.

As she came back, I raised her up, sat on the edge of the bed as I asked her to climbed on me facing me, as she did, we go on a Jelly-fish position, I [email protected] her in this position for 20minutes. After that I brought her on top of the bed as I raised one of her legs up placed it on my shoulder as I [email protected] her in this position for almost 20minutes, my loins start cracking again, her body was begining to shake, the leg under me was no more stable.
As I [email protected] her in this style she was m0an!ng so loud that I got scared, after about 5minutes again we both came at the same time as she lay helplessly on the bed, my body became weak too as she herself couldn’t even raise her legs. I held her hands looked into her eyes and smiled and I told her “YOU are the Best Girl In The World”……

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