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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 19
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As I stared at Amaka’s b0s0m which were staring at me invittingly, she just smiled and said “Naughty Boi” I smiled too and told her “naury gurl” and dashed outa thah gate.

I rushed home and found Dooshima lying down, it was about 9:56am, well on time.

Who wouldn’t keep to time cuz of p—y? I needed her veejay and her veejay I must get, not even Amaka and Chikezie’s s£duct!on can stop me!

As I entered my room 3 diferent scents and aroma hit me, I could not decide which was which, wished it was taste that the tongue can decern sour, bitter, sweet and salty but this one can’t be decern.I later discovered that her perfume, the air-freshner in my room and d aroma of the stew she cooked were the ones doing justice to my nose.

Immediately she saw me, she jumped up came to the door and hugged me, you can see the way her potruding n—–s are already beckoning for action. I kissed her passionately as I couldn’t wait. I asked her how she was feeling cuz she told me she wasn’t feeling fine and her reply was, “Me? Sick ke, I wasn’t ill ooo, I just frame that to get you” “hmmm and your plan worked out, hope ur friends won’t catch us” I cautioned. “Who cares? Or do you?………….
In my mind I was like “yes ooo, I care ooo, na only your own I wan chop” but I didn’t say it out. ……….well I prepared food as you said, we can eat before we do whatever we want to” I checked the food and wow!! Girls can go extra mile cuz of a guy, she cooked rice and plantain with turkey, where does she get the money from to prepare this? “No baby we need to do it before we eat, I need to still go back to school as my bag is there and I promised your friends am coming back or else you want them to suspect something”? “Pls stop talking about them suspecting something, it doesn’t concern me, let them go to hell for all I care, well if you insist” in my mind I was like “see mumu way wan pour sand sand inside my garri? I drew her close and we locked mouth started kissing as if our life depended on it. We kissed until we couldn’t find our breath again. We pulled each other’s clothe withing seconds,

sometimes I wonder why is it that before s-x we pull each other’s cloth but after s-x, we wear our cloth by ourselve.

I drew her close as we started by 69 style she was churnning my c–k as I s—-d, chopped and licked her c–t. She was m0an!ng profusly as I insert two fingers into her and did a good fingering, she wasn’t herself anymore. I fingered her until she was screaming, I lay her sideways, lay beside her back and started jigijagaing her from that position. I knacked and ransacked her p—y from that position as she gives me names that weren’t mine, many odd names that I had never borne.

I asked her to do the gal on top as she climbed on top and began riding, she twisted her waist occationally to the rhythm in her mind, after so many banging and m0an!ng she slept on top of me and said I love you so much baby.

I turned her up, lay her on the edge of my bed with her shoulder to her head on the floor, I don’t wanna use the pillow to raise her waist so I inserted my c–k and I heard “ouch”!!! I moved slowly and slowly as she sangs my praises, “oh yea baby, you ar gud, yes giv it to me….you ar sweet baby……thanks baby….yes yes yes yes…..”
On hearing this I increase my momentum as I t—-t faster and faster she was screaming and screaming, sorry she was actually m0an!ng like screaming.

As I keep space I raised one of her legs up and go deeper and deeper as she opened mouth to m0an her mouth was hooked, mouth open but no sound came out, only her waist was winding, as I keep thrusting knowing that the feelings couldn’t allow her to m0an, she suddenly sprang up on me and held me tight with her two legs wrapped round my waist, I couldn’t move as I heard …….”Oh My God!!

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