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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 21
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As I got home from my sexcapade with the gal my friends gave me I saw Lois with my bag. “Jesus!! What ar u doing here? How long have you been here”? I asked her surprise written all over my face, I knew she has been there for long now, but that is not the case, what beats my imagination is that I don’t really know if it actually my bag that made her to wait for me or something else? “Well does it really matter? Since you ar here now let’s not go back to the question anymore, by the way where are you coming from”? Now I hate this type of question, is she ma guardian to ask me such a question? How does where am coming from affect her. “But you just said we should forget about it na? Why are we going back again? Get the key there and open the door please, am seriosly hungry” I said to her to shut her up but she said…….”You go f–k woman abi? Bad boi” “please stop that! What do you mean by that? So you mean I have been having s-x with who”? “Am sorry it’s just a joke na, but don’t you like s-x this one I mention it and you got pissed up” she said. “Please Lois not as if I don’t like s-x, infact I love s-x so much provided I see some one am attracted to.

But it’s your statement that pissed me up why will you said that am coming back from s-x-house”
I said to her pretending to be angry. “Am sorry baby, please forgive me I never meant it”. She said
We got inside and I asked her to dish food for us to eat, and as she open the pot she was perplex to see many meat and a delicious stew she then asked, “who cooked this food, don’t tell you cooked it or does anybody……..em sorry I didn’t say anything, the food is delicious sha” “Just bring food let’s eat, forget all these questions you ar asking please”. Guys the fact is that I don’t wanna have s-x that day again, had s-x the night before, had s-x in the morning, had in the afternoon and that night again, is it not too much??

We start eating and Lois requested to put food in my mouth but I refused “Am not your boifriend na, why will you put food in my mouth”? “But na wa for you ooo, how will you be my boifrnd is it not from somewhere we are going to start? Or is anygal ever born with a boifrnd together”? “No vex ooo madam but we never start na, if you want sha no problems” I collected the food, feed her too and we start chatting about love and s-x and she was laughing without control as she always use the word “Naughty boi and bad boi” interchangeably.

After we finished eating, we started kissing and romancing as I carried her to the bed and went to remove my cloth to wear only Boxer, I heard “Kpo kpo kpo” a knock on the door……

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