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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I woke up that day very strong hale and hearty as I brushed my teeth to prepare for school. I know rite now one question is going on in your mind…..”What happen between you and Lois”? Well I wanted to skip that part but let me just tell you. I never wanted to have s-x with her that very day again but before I could restrain her, she was all over me with kisses and romance and it got into my brain and distabilized me immediately.

Am still saying it again, I really never want to do but…..but…..but… all happen like a dream, we did it and sincerely the girl wasn’t as awful as I had thought, she was really good and she proved me wrong and gave it to me bumper to bumper.

I took my bath dressed up and left for school since Lois left immediately after our adventure, my room was stinking of c-m, I swept and air-fresh the room before leaving.

I got to school and I saw my s-x-mates, they were chilling and immediately they saw me they all started insulting me that I left them to go and see a woman, I begged them that it wasn’t what they were thinking. Their papa, shey na only them I go f–k? Na true sha I leave them go f–k another p—y. Since I didnot eat anything at home I told them I wanna go and eat, they accepted that they are coming. Thank God them no follow me.

I went, bought food as I was about to turn, I bumped into two gorgeous ladies and my food crashed to the ground!! What!! I just bought the food and I never pay self, I didn’t frown or shout, I pretended as if nothing happen. I just smile a charming smile, they were scared initially and I told them not to worry, they thanked me and as I was about to leave, they called me “Please we ar very sorry, but it seems we know you, you ar Peter rit”? They saked “yea am Peter and you two”? I asked “Well am Sa’adatu and she is Rabiat, we are sorry once again but something beat my imagination, we threw away your food and you didn’t even frown or yell, you are really cool and I love that” sa’adatu said. I jsut smile. “Well that is me for you, what do you expect me to do, it has happened na, do you want me to bring police and arrest you? Of course not”!! We exchange contacts and I left, bought another food and pay again. After all am investing for something good to come.

I got to class and as I was inside I saw Amaka and Chikezie, they asked if what we plan is still gonna work. Mehn I go fit do two at all? I remember my goal “record holder” I told them I will give them feed back but even if we will do it, it won’t be my house and they accepted, they left. Immediately I started debating on what to do, whether to take drugs or test my ability without drugs, what if I break down on the process? What if I succeed? Well I decided not to take anything but a bit shark but I won’t take anything.
Nothing special happen in school that day, all that day all the thought in my mind was how to [email protected] the two girls ahead of me and I want to really make it special.

I left school got home brushing up and dialed their number, it connect and Amaka picked immediately, I asked her if they are at home and they accepted. I asked them to cook as I will soon get there, they told me they cooked already, I dressed up and headed to their place…

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