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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 29
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My phone rang and I picked, the person on the other side was No one but Rabiat. “Hello Rabiatu” I answered immediately I picked the call. “Hey Peter how va na? Where are you and what are you doing”?
She asked. “Actually am at home but I will be going out any moment”. “Haba!! Where have you found to go that you can’t even call your friends”? “Not like that jare, it is not a place I should invite you more over I just want to go and see a friend and I don’t know why HE said I should come” . ” Who is that friend that we don’t know na? Is he not writing exams with us”? “Ofcours he is but not in this school, he jsut said I should come and check something with him, I don’t wanna disappoint him”. “So when are you coming back, I can come and check on you” “the truth is that I can’t just say because he doesn’t tell me anything, so I don’t even know why am being called, but I will come back today, just that I can’t tell the exact time and if the issue is seriouse I may even sleep over, which ever way just leave it till 2mao, we shall see, but wait hope no problems sha”? “Oh c’mon, no problems just wanna discuss something with you that is very important”. “Ok we shall talk every issue by tomorrow” “No problem, till you come, bye” “bye Rabiatu” we ended the call. I slept through out that afternoon till 6pm, I no wan go sleep there jare, just to bleep.

At 6:06pm I washed myself, Bola’s call had already came in like 5times but I didn’t know, after dressing up, she called again as I picked, she asked if am still coming, I told her I am and she asked me to come and meet her in the shop. I said ok, ended the call and straight to her shop.

When she saw me, she smiled, I was handsomely dressed with my hard-end gucci wrist-watch and a prada shoe, no mata what I wear, it always fit me so I don’t go for too expensive stuffs. We hugged and she quickly closed her shop as we headed to her house.

We got to her house by 7:15pm, she was living in a self-contain room and parlour, well moderately furnish, typical of a spinster, I go die on top this girl mata. She showed me a seat though I saw three set of cushon chair, I did not sit down, wanna be a good guy until she asked me to do. I sat down, as she went to the kitchen, on the Gas-cylinder to prepare food, came back and asked me to help her loosen the Zip of her shirt in the back. Girls self, who the remove am before? I start loosen the zip and she asked me to help her remove the bra’s pin I said nothing but sincerely thanks for the tight jeans I wore my c–k has risen and became so strong.

I removed the pin and she opened her arms beckoning me to remove it, I did obediently, Jesus!! This kind of b—-t I swear will be sweeter than all I have taste before, I turned my eyes and she laughed, took wrapper and wrapped herself, she went to the kitchen and before I knew it she has brought food, seems she has cooked the food before now.

We ate without talking much, when we finished, she said she wanna bath that if we can go together I told her no problem and we went but as we are going, she said I should go back that she has changed her mind. I obeyed, I don come na, she must give me the p—y by fire by force.

I thought she was joking ooo, she left me to the bathroom, took her bath and came before asking me to do same, I went not saying anything, before I could finished, she was already on the bed,I joined her but to my greatest surprise, she used a pillow to seperate us!! I asked her what she meant and she said…..”We never marry so we can’t have s-x, I noticed your J0yst!ck don hard but it won’t work until we get married”………..See gobe!!!………

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