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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 73
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As I brought out my d–k to t—-t again, my waist cracked, I still keep doing it.

My eyes became blurred can’t tell if it’s excitement or problems that is ahead of me. I was totally in a mess, she was m0an!ng as she asked me to t—-t harder, don’t know if she was the only one getting the s£nsat!on because I was already lost. Couldn’t reason rationally anymore, but to please her I kept on doing it. As I was about to c-m, don’t know whether she knows, she removed my d–k, removed the condom and inserted my d–k into her mouth.

The rest is history.

I woke up still very dizzy in a hospital bed with my friends Tommy and Solomon beside me on the bed. “What happen? Where are we”? I asked though still feeling dizzy and slight headache. “Guy relax jhor, we go talk lera but anyone way come asked you, tell them say fever catch you that is why you came for treatment. We go tell you wetin happen later”. Solomon said
I was confused totally. The following week we would start Waec and am in a hospital bed? This can’t be! My brain began to flash back, I remember banging a lady the previous night, I remember my c–k not fitting her punani, I remember me f—–g and not feeling any s£nsat!on.

Yes I remembered she removed my c–k from her punani, removed the condom and put my johnson in her mouth! I tried to remember the rest but no way again, I slept again only to be woking by the nurse that I was about to be discharge.

I look ahead having being discharged I saw the corper with one other Sekxy lady (abeg before u say them don swear for me, I know think anything ooo! She jst fine ni ooo) sitting comfortably in the receptions’ or visitors chair. I walk up to them and I said “Miss Jacobs, good afternoon”. “How are you Peter, what happen to you na? I heard you were in the hospital”. “Yea, it’s malaria jawe, and typhoid, didn’t notice it in time till it became severe”. “Oh sorry dear, hope you ok now”? Miss Jacobs second said to me. “Thanks sister”. I said and we went home……….

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