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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“I will warn you again, stay away from jason because you don’t worth him”she said harshly. “Why will she do that?”jason said coming to us. He stood in front of me looking at Helena”why are you like this Helena?”he asked looking at her. She looked at me then looked back at jason. She put on a fake smile nodding her head. she walked away very fast. My heart feel so heavy and hurt to see her acted that way. “We need to talk”jason said holding my hand. I looked at him and forced my hand from him. I looked straight at him in the eyes. “Whose fault is this? Why are you making everything hard on me? I hate you! Just let me be ok”I said angrily. I left him and went towards an unknown destination.

I went to the field walking beside it,I watched some guys playing football, and I stood by the field watching them. Then a call came in, I took my phone and looked at the screen to see the caller, It’s my mum. I picked it and put it to my ear”hello mum”
“My lovely princess”she said sounding excited. “I have missed you seriously mum”I said. “No need to do that anymore princess, am here already, that’s why I called”she said sounding happy. I quickly turned back searching everywhere for her but I can’t find her. “Mum I can’t see you”I said still looking round. “Come outside the school”she said. I quickly left the field and went outside the school compound. I got there and looked around for her but still the same. “Mum I can’t find you”I said feeling eager to see her. “It was a joke my dear”she said laughing. I fell so bad about it “why mum I miss you so much”I said almost crying. “I miss you too dear”I heard the voice at my back very close to me. I turned back and saw her, I quickly jumped at her feeling very happy. She hugged me tight patting my back. She released from the hug me and held my hand”Huh my princess has lose some weight, what should we do”my mum said looking at me. “It’s ok mum, I don’t want to turn to a pig”I said smiling. We both laughed out loud. “I have came to checked where we’ll be staying around here, its not too far from your camp,I had made all the necessary arrangements for it. we will soon move in like two day from now”she said smiling. “Why not tomorrow mum? Have missed you a lot”I said. “No, I need to take care of my business before we’ll move in so I can continue going to work”she said smiling. “OK mum”I said in agreement. “Are you having any class right now?”she asked looking around. Some students were hanging around the school while some were outside the school compound. “I can see you guys are on break right?”my mum asked looking around. “Yes, but am not having any class until evening, then am having practice”I said. “Music practice?”she asked. “No, dancing practice”I said smiling. “But you’re not that good at dancing”my mum said looking surprised. “Why did I come to Karen school? Believe me you’ll be surprise at my performance if I show you”I said smiling. “And we’ll be having a showcase in next three days from now, then, you should come and see your princess performance. That will be my first stage performance”I said feeling happy about it. “Dancing showcase? Wow I will really love to see that”she said smiling. “Will you follow me to see the place we’ll be moving into?”she asked looking at me. “Yes mum, let me go and have a look”I said and we both left for the place.

When we got to the house, it was nice neat but not big as our former house. My mum opened the small gate and we went inside.

The compound was neat and tidy. With some beautiful flowers planted round the compound. I really love this place better,. We entered the house and everywhere was neat. It was a two bedroom flat. We entered and my mum showed me my room to be. The place was so nice, I opened the window and can see all what’s going on outside. I love the view of what am seeing here. I saw a window opened from next flat, breeze was blowing the curtain and I can see the room. I saw a guitar by the wall and some paper and stuffs on the table . I can see the view clearly. “Why will they forget to close the window”I said to my self peeping through the window. Although the flat is bigger and its storey building. The house was nice as well. I Closed the window and went outside the room to meet my mum. “Mum I really love it here. It’s nice and beautiful”I said to my mum smiling. “I always get what’s better for my princess”she said. We stayed longer talking about this and that I checked the time and it’s almost 4:20pm. “Mum I need to go to practice now, am late already”I said taking my bag. “Ok let’s go. Am also leaving for home”she said and we both left together. She took a taxi and I waved at her as the driver drove off in front of my school. I entered the compound and rushed to the practice room because am 30minute late already.

Jason’s POV

I got to the practice room and found only nana and jude but can’t find Quincy, where would she has gone to? I could’t find her anywhere in school, I want to apologise to her very well for my behavior last night. I know what I did was wrong but one side of me didn’t regret it, because I have feelings for her. I don’t understand how I manage to fall for Quincy, she’s not and easy girl and we always quarrel anytime we’re together. She’s fearless and arrogant, But I find her cute and amusing. and I don’t think she can ever accept me because I know she doesn’t like me at all to start with.”Are we not having practice today?”jude said after we waited like 30minutes for her. “Let’s wait a little longer”I said to them. We waited and waited then I decided to start the practice.

She came rushing inside”am so sorry for coming late Guys. Please forgive me”she said bowing to us. I feel so happy and relieved to see her come to practise. And I can see the expression on her face, she feels happy about something.

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