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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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But I also think of Helena, she will see me as a betrayer, because I know she has feelings for jason. I just don’t know how to go about this.”Quincy I need your answer please”he said holding my hands.”I can’t do that, am not bold enough to date someone like you”I replied. “What is wrong with us dating, since the news is trending in school, let’s do that and date for real. It’s nothing bad”he said squeezing my hands lightly. “I just confessed to you how I really feel about you, so that my mind will be free, but I can’t date you”I said and withdrew my hands slowly from his. He was looking at me surprisingly, wondering why am acting that way, but I know why am doing it, I don’t want any misunderstanding again between Helena and I again. I don’t want to be greedy,she said earlier that am out of their league,and that is true,my parents are not as rich as theirs so am not worth dating him. “Let’s just stay normal as we were, before today ok”I said looking up at him. He shook his head in disagreement”why are you like this quincy?

You said you loved me but why can’t we be together?”he asked. “It’s nothing, please let’s just stay friends”I replied. I stared at him for a while before opening the door to go out.”I prayed you won’t regret this later”he said as I opened the door to move out. I stopped still holding the handle of the door.”the decision you made today, I hope you wouldn’t regret it later.”he added as I turned my back to him.

I moved out slowly closing the door behind me. I walked slowly through the passage. “Its ok quincy, you won’t regret it. You made the right decision ok”I thought to myself walking back to hostel.

Two days later…..

My mum and I were sitting in the living room in our new home. I packed my stuffs from the hostel and brought them home. Everything was set neatly and moderate like our former house. I really love it here, it’s peaceful and quite.

“Are you not having practice today?”my mum asked. “That’s 4:pm, it’s our last practice though, and tomorrow is the performance am really happy. Even if we don’t win tomorrow, I will be happy that I went on stage”I said to my mum smiling. “I will really love to see that”my mum said. I excused myself to use the bathroom.

I went to my room and use the bathroom for seconds. I came out and went to the window, I opened it and looked outside, I can see the window of the flat next to us opened again. I stretched my neck to looked inside the room, because the curtain was showing half of the room from the side of the window. I looked through the half open but I can’t see much. I only saw a guitar by the wall and some musical stickers on the wall. A little girl came to the window and our eyes met and I quickly closed my window. I was very shocked to see that face suddenly appeared like a ghost. The girl has a long fringe hair, with round face. She was so pretty and small.

I popped my head slowly to look through my window and I can see she has closed the window already. “Is a ghost living in that house?”I said, talking to myself. I quickly went out to join my mum in the living room. I sat beside her, and I noticed she was holding something shinny in her hand. When she saw me, she quickly hid it in her skirt. I went to sit beside her”mum what was that?”I asked, looking at her. “It’s nothing dear”she said smiling. “I should prepare something for us to eat”she said standing up. She walked to the kitchen but something dropped from her body and she didn’t notice. I picked it up, and saw it’s a ring. “Why is she having this ring? Is this from my father?”I said looking at it. She came out of the kitchen and saw me holding the ring. I looked at her and asked about the ring. “That’s the only memory of your father I have with me”she said. I looked at the ring and smiled. “It’s so pretty, how I wish I saw my dad before he died” I said holding the ring. “He must be great person, for you to like him”I said looking at my mum. “There’s a lot about him you don’t know, but I will tell you later when I have the time”my mum said. “Thanks mum, I will really like to know more about him”I said. “And this”I said raising up the ring to her. “Can I have it?”I requested. “Yes dear, but you can’t lost that ok”she said. “Thanks mum. I can have this next to me all the time and see it as a precious gift from my father”I said looking at the ring.

We talked about so many stuffs before I finally prepare for practice.

I went out of the house, heading to practice. I closed the gate behind me and was out on the street. I looked at the gate of the building next to us, wondering if anybody lives there or I just saw a ghost back there. I moved closer to the big gate looking at it. Suddenly, the gate was making some sounds like someone is opening it to come outside. I tried to move away from there before the person could open it and found me at their gate, but I was too late. The person opened the gate and I was surprise to see who came out of the flat, so he’s the person that lived next to us?. I guess that’s his room next to my window. We were staring at each other in surprise.

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