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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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“Why are you here?”Noah asked holding his power bike to his side. “So you live here”I said looking at the building. “Yes this is where we live. And you what are you doing here?”he asked looking at me. “Well we also just moved here yesterday”I said pointing to our flat. “So, we’re neighbors again”he said smiling. “Yes we are”I said and we both laughed.

He pushed his power bike out of the gate and someone closed it from inside. “So how is your practice going?”I asked him. “Uhm we are really trying, and everything is moving good as I expect”he said. “Since today is the last practice, we have to do our best for better results tomorrow”I said. “That’s true” he said and sat on his bike.”get on and let’s go before we get late to practice”he said wearing his helmet. He handed the second helmet to me and I took it.”thanks”I said and put it on. I sat at the back seat”hold me tight am ready to drive”he said starting the engine. I wrapped my arms around his waist resting my body on his back. He looked down at my hands and focused back on the bike and He drove off.

We arrived at school and I got down from his bike. “Bye see you later”I said and rushed to practice.

Noah’s POV
She got down and left for her practice. I smiled to myself as she left. Oh my God, She forgot to take off the helmet. But she went on rushing for practice without looking back.

Quincy is a very special lady to me, I had a crush on her since high school although she took me as a friend but I want her more than that, I want to tell her about my feelings but I don’t know how she’ll feel about it. she doesn’t keep anything from me. She prefer telling me her secrets than telling her female friends. I like her because, she’s a lively person and she act like herself and doesn’t act fake or fear anyone. She will tell you what she’s capable of saying behind you to your face. In shot, she’s an interesting girl. I prayed one day I can have the courage to tell her how I really feel about her. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable about it because she never see me as a guy.

I packed my bike at the packing lot and went for practice.

Quincy POV

I rushed to the practice room and met Jason, jude and nana,waiting for me again. “Am sorry for coming in late”I said apologizing to them. Instead of them to talk about my lateness, jude and nana started laughing loud. “Oh my God, You look like an avenger”nana said pointing to my head. I touched my head and can feel the helmet. “What is this?”I murmured to myself and quickly take it off. I dressed my hair properly with my hands. “You’re really funny quincy”jude said still laughing. I placed the helmet and my bag on the floor at one angel of the room. I looked at jason who is not finding it funny. He was just staring at me awkwardly.
“You’re late again”he said standing up. “Am sorry for that”I said apologizing to him. “It’s ok let’s start practice”he said and we all prepare for practice.

We practiced from the beginning to the end of the song and it seems everything is ok now. When we finished the practice, I went out to use the toilet. I entered and saw Helena coming out. She stopped in front of me and I want to use that chance to tell her the news is fake. “Helena I need to clear something to you”I said looking at her. She folded her arms together looking at me.”and what do you want to lie about again?”she asked in a non friendly tone. I sighed and looked at her”you don’t need to be mad at me, I know how you really feel about jason, I know you like him…”

“And why did allow him to kiss you know all this? You thought I didn’t see that?”she cuts in. “We are not dating. Believe me, there’s a misunderstanding. I can’t stab you in the back, as a friend”I said. She smiled briefly and moved closer to me. “Seriously, do you just say we’re friends? You must be kidding me. Don’t you see we’re different? How dare you say you’re my friend?”she asked angrily. “See let me tell you something, birds of the same feather flocks together. Do you even have money than me? My father can feed your whole family for years”she said looking at me like am just a trash. “What? Helena you’re going too far with your words, I only want to come clean with you, you don’t have the right to insult my family ok?”I said staring back into her eyes. “And if I do, what can you do about it? Will you slap me? Or will you Sue me? I just don’t know what you can do to it”she said sounding more annoying. She moved closer to my ear”hey know your place from now on, you’re nothing but a pauper to me. So don’t show up when we rich kids are playing. And stay away from jason because you don’t even worth him”she said and moved out. I stood there not saying a word but looks pitiful and helpless. I brought out the ring my mum gave me, i used it as pendant and wore the necklace. I hold it in my hand with tears rolling down my cheek.

Where have I gone wrong? Why are this rich kids like looking down on poor people? Is it my fault that I was born poor?”I thought to myself. I sobbed looking at the ring. “Dad what she said is so painful, is it my fault I was not born rich?”I said looking at the ring.
I went out of the female toilet and sat at a corner crying out my heart”I hate not having a father. Good thing she can brag about her father wealth. But I don’t have any to brag with”I said crying. I faced the ground burying my face down with tears dropping. I noticed someone standing in front of me. I raised up my head sobbing, and I saw jason standing in front of me.

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