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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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I thought to myself angrily. I left the place and went to class, wondering who the person could be. Quincy came in holding the cup of coffee in her hand”have it”she said stretching the cup to me. She turned to leave and I put the cup to my mouth and sipped it, only to discover it’s not iced coffee I asked for but juice. “Hey come back here”I called on her angrily. She turned to me”what is it Helena?”she asked in a calm voice. But I was very angry and spilled the juice on her face”is this what I asked for?”I asked her angrily. She was very surprise for what I did, she wiped her face with her hand staring at me”why? do you want to complain?”I asked looking at her. She stood there looking at me”I sent you iced coffee, what the hell were you thinking about”I asked getting more angry. “Helena that was a mistake but this is too much”she said looking at me. “What? How dear you talk back at me”I asked moving closer to her. “Do you want to be kicked out of the school?”I asked getting more angry.

“What are your guys doing?”someone said behind us. I turned back and saw jason. I moved closer to quincy and brought out my napkin”oh sorry, you should be more careful”I said dusting her dress and her face with it. I looked at her face and give her dirty look. Jason came closer to us looking at both of us suspiciously”quincy what happened to your dress and your face too?”he asked looking at the mess I created on her dress. But I gave her this look like if-you-dear-tell-him-anything. “It’s nothing, the juice fell from me and spilled on my dress”she made up lies to jason. But he looked at her awkwardly”you mean the juice was on your head? Or how does it got to your face?”jason asked looking confuse. “I…I was holding it in my hand,and bumped into something”she lied again. Jason looked at her dress again and took of his jacket”You should’ve be more careful”he said and cover her dress with it”you can’t go around with this mess, just wear that for now”he said looking at her. He looked at me and didn’t even say a word to me. “Let’s go”he said taking quincy with him. They both left leaving me behind. I was so angry that I scattered the whole place in anger. I feel like am the one suffering instead of quincy. I brought out the ring from my bag and was looking at it”just wait and see if I can’t have jason, I will destroy both of you”I said boiling in anger.

Nicky’s POV

Jason took me away from Helena, one side of me feel relieved and the other side of me feel uncomfortable because I know Helena will still get back to me, to see jason helping me in her present. We both sat under a tree in the compound”why are you with Helena back there?”he asked looking at me. “I went to pick something in that class”I replied. “Ok just be careful of her”he said. I looked at him and smiled”don’t worry she can’t do anything to me, have you forgotten am quincy”I said smiling. He looked at me and smiled”I love it when you smile, you look more pretty”he said smiling. I looked at him and flashed back to when we first met, the fight and everything we went through, if someone say we’ll be this close, I won’t believe it. I also think About the kiss, my first kiss was from him, and I have no regret about it. I really love him so much, and he was the first guy I ever fell deep in love with. I wish to date him but I also think of my status and Helena, she won’t

Just let me be. But I know one day I will be able to stand up on my feet and face Helena. I was deep in thought thinking about this and that. Jason tapped me gently which brought me back to reality. “I said have you found the necklace?”he asked looking at me. “I haven’t and my mum didn’t know I lost it yet”I said feeling sad again. “I also searched that place for you but I can’t find it”he said. “I don’t recognise it, can you describe it for me?”he asked looking at me. I described the necklace to him, and told him it was a ring pendant necklace. He promised to search for it again.

We were still talking when someone came to me”the Dean wants to see you”she said looking at me. “Me?”I asked pointing to myself. She nodded to me and I stood up. “Hope there’s no problem?”jason asked me. “Let me go now, we’ll talk later.”I said and followed the girl. I was so nervous, I thought Helena has changed her mind again about me staying”what have I done to Helena again? Was is because jason helped me?”I think about all sort of things on our way to the Dean’s office. When we entered the girl bowed her head and left the Dean office. I saw the man from earlier and one man sitting beside him and the Dean. I wonder why they’re all here, I looked at them confused. “Welcome miss”the man greeted. I bowed my head to them in response. “Here she is, that’s the girl I was talking to you about”the man said looking at me. “Yes she’s Felix quincy and she just joined this year”the Dean said to them. The shook their head positively and smiled. “She’s too perfect for the show, we can use her for this year model”the second man said. On hearing the word ‘model’ I was so surprise. Why do they want me and not Helena?”I thought to myself looking surprise. “Is that ok with you miss?” The man asked smiling. The Dean looked at me and shook his head for me to say yes. I looked at them and shook my head positively. “That’s ok, I love that we’ll start the photo shoot tomorrow, someone will come and get you tomorrow morning”the man said smiling happily. “You can go back, I will get back to you later”the Dean said smiling. I opened the door and went out to fine the greatest shock, I saw Helena before me, she has been eavesdropping the whole time. “So,its you again?”She asked staring at me angrily. I don’t know what to say to her, I know she’ll throw fit about that”you want me to show you hell on earth right?”she asked getting closer to me. I was so shocked to see her there. She moved closer to me and looked straight into my eyes”go back inside and tell them you’re not interested in that modeling anymore and I will cancel the whole thing about you been my slave”she said looking mad at me.
“And Why will she do that?”jason asked coming to us. I was so surprised to see him.

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