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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I moved backward looking at him”this has turned to your habbit”he said looking at me. “Sorry”I said raising my hand at him. I walked out on him and went to change.
I went to the cafeteria to get some snacks before going to the dance practice scheduled that evening. “Hey”Helena called from behind. I turned back and smiled at her”hy”
“Where are you going to?”she asked me. “The cafeteria”I replied pointing at the direction. “Oh am also heading there, let’s go together”she said and we both left. We got the snacks and sat on a bench outside the cafeteria. A call came in from noah”hello”
“Hy what’s up”

“Do you left already”he asked “no am still within the premises”I replied him. We talked for a while and he told me he will be leaving early for their practice. He hang up the phone. I slipped the phone back to my pocket. “It’s like you and Noah have a quite relationship”she asked taking from her snacks. “Hmm yes. Noah is my friend right from kindergarten”I said smiling. “Oh I see”she said nodding her head in agreement. “I guess your boyfriend is jason”I said looking at her. She smiled and looked at me”we are also friends and jason is like my elder brother, since we grew up together from kid. He might be rude,arrogant and annoying, and never admit that he was wrong sometimes, but he cares for others and have this cute side of him. He looks though from outside but he has a kind heart”she said all this smiling brightly. And I guess she liked him more than just a friend. “But he’s so rude at times”I said with a little frown on my face.”that’s Jason for you”she said and we both laughed.

Jason, Jude, Nana and I were in front of the old practice room. Since we don’t have somewhere else to practice, the main practice room is occupied by some other groups. I opened the door and can see the place is dirty and full of cobwebs. Since they’ve not been using it for a very long time.”Are we gonna practice here?”Jude asked Looking round the room. I looked at him and rolled my eyes”we should start cleaning or what are you guys waiting for?”I said and moved in while Nana followed.
We started cleaning the room except for jason. He stood at a corner busy with his phone with air peace plugged into his ear”what’s is that? Are we cleaning for him”I said silently. I looked at him angrily and moved to his side.”hey, hey”I, called but he can’t hear me because of the air peace. I called again but he didn’t notice me, since he was busy playing game on his phone. I moved closer to him and pulled one air peace out. He raised up his head and looked at me.”what do you want?”he asked. I was surprised by this question. Didn’t he see us cleaning? “Seriously can’t you see we are cleaning? Why are you sitting down doing nothing? Are we your slaves or what?”I asked him angrily. He looked at me like am just blabbing, he plugged back the air peace into his ear ignoring me. I was so pissed off that I feel like plugging the both air peace out. “Hey just let him be, he won’t do it even if you beg on your kneels”I heard Jude’s voice. I looked at Jude and Nana biting my lips in anger. Nana looked at me and nodded her head in agreement. I looked back at jason angrily”you this stubborn brat”I said raising my hand to hit him, even though I know I can’t. He looked up at me and my hand hanged up in the air. He looked at me wondering what my hand was doing up there,he nodded his head and picked a brush from his side and placed it on my opened hand. I held it tightly getting more angry. “You should remove those cobwebs”he said pointing up at some corners. “What the…..”before I could finish nana dragged me from his side. “It’s ok Quincy, don’t mind him and let’s just clean”she said smiling. Jude was laughing silently at us. “This is so stupid, I won’t clean again. I can’t!”I said angrily, dropping the brush to move out but Nana held my hand again”you can’t do it that way. You can’t go because of him, but you have to clean it for the sake of our practice huh”she said holding my hand. Her words pinned me down and calmed my nerves. I nodded my head in agreement and picked the brush up. I moved to the side of the room and used the long brush to remove the cobwebs. I moved to the side where jason was sitting and dusted the cobwebs, I know its dusting on him. So, I climbed on the table to dust more from the angle, But the brush is not long enough. I stretched my hand up standing on my toes to dust it. I moved a bit to the edge to get more close to it, but I tripped and was falling from the desk. I closed my eyes because I can’t bear to feel the pain I will go through if I should land on the hard ground. I landed on something that feels like a cloud, I think am in heaven already. I was still closing my eyes imagining things in my head. I heard the angel voice speaking to me”please open your eye”the angel said to me. “Yes my angel, I will”I said smiling. “What! Open your eyes before I drop you to the ground”I heard the voice again but now it sounds familiar and clear. At first I opened one eye closing the other one. I can see the ceiling, and finally I opened both eyes slowly. The first person I saw was Jason, I looked down and can see he was holding me in his hand. I closed again”where is the angel?”I asked closing my eyes. “What is she blabbing about?”jason said still holding me. Now I can hear the voice clearly, it’s Jason’s voice. I opened my eyes widely looking at him. I feel so embarrassed and uncomfortable.

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