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My Beautiful Love Song  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Jude and nana were also staring at me,wondering what am talking about.”please let me down”I said in a low voice not looking at him. He placed me down gently. I looked at him and quickly stared away out of embarrassment. “Hmph you’re too heavy, what do you eat everyday”jason said dusting the dusts from his dress. “We are done cleaning, can we start practice now”nana said taking the rubbish out into the dustbin. I moved to go out and change but jason held my hand pulling me back. I looked at my hand and then looked back at jason”no thank you?”he asked looking at me. “Oh thank you” I said in a weak tone. He released my hand and I moved out with nana to change.

Jason’s POV
She left to change with nana, leaving jude and I behind. The cloth I was wearing is comfortable for me to dance with and no need to change. Everywhere was clean and neat. I brought out my phone and searched the song we’ll be using for the practice. Few minutes later Quincy and nana came in. They were both dressing in a small short and a lose top, to be able to move freely.

I stood up placing my phone on the desk.

Quincy’s POV

The four of us came together”I will give you guys some steps and you can add your own if you have any new dance steps”jason said moving forward. He stood there in the front facing us. He played the music from his phone *shape of you*by ed sheeran. He started giving some dance moves. The dance steps he was showing us is to hard for me. I just stood there looking at him as if he was giving a show. The dance steps were awesome but believe me, it’s really hard to follow. Jason is really a good dancer, I love the way he moves but I don’t think I can learn that,its to hard and fast. after showing some few steps, He stopped and paused the song”how was that?”he asked smiling. “Wow awesome. That’s very cool guy”jude said clapping his hands. “It was great”nana also supported. I didn’t say anything, I just stood there not saying a word about the dance steps, but I know it was great. The three of them looked at me expecting me to say something. I looked at them and nodded my head in agreement.”it was great but…”I stopped for a while. “But what?”jude asked looking at me. “It’s too hard to follow”I said scratching my head. Jason looked at me and rolled his eyes”here we have a problem”he said looking at me. “It’s good, you will get it eventually. You Just need to practice more and more to meet up with it”nana said smiling. I think it’s not that hard for them to practice but am the problem here. Am not used to it and it’s true am lacking behind,but I wish I could dance like they do. “Ok I will try”I said looking at them.

Jason played the song from the beginning and started dancing again step by step. He finished dancing to the first verse and started over again. He repeated the dance steps to us over and over again before we also start following his lead.

We followed the dance steps he showed us but I was not that fast and that spoiled the show. We started over and over again because of me. We did this for like an hour before I started grabbing some steps from it. We stopped after a long practice. “We’ll continue tomorrow”jason said looking tired. “Oh time has gone, see you guys tomorrow”nana said picking her bag. She left the practice room and jude also followed. I moved forward to start practicing again.”you may pass out if you continue practicing again, let’s just continue tomorrow”jason said picking his phone. I don’t mind him I just kept on practicing on the dance. “What a stubborn girl, you just make people worry about you”he said. I stopped for a while and faced him”you can go, I will close the practice room”I said looking at him. I turned back to the mirror and start practicing again, even though I can’t get it the steps very well,I kept on trying. “Quincy,Will you allow me to help you with it?”he asked me. I stopped on hearing this. I faced him wondering if he’s serious or not. This is the first time am hearing my name from him. He never called me by my name before,he prefer giving me bad titles. I can’t believe he volunteer to help me. Why? I looked at him in surprise. And he also stood there expecting answer from me.

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