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my blood sister - Season 1 - Episode 37
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Wesley entered the house, and went to his room to collect his things for work and little of his clothes.

WESLEY : kins, I don true oo
KINS : ok no problem, I will come and visit you inside this week
WESLEY : no problem
KINS : I am coming let me take my car key
WESLEY : are you going out
KINS : Yes, I am hungry, I need to go to the fast food and eat
WESLEY : charity did not cook
KINS : charity cook, all the days you lived in this house, have you ever seen charity cook

WESLEY : no I have not seen her cook
KINS : she dont know how to cook
WESLEY : are you kidding me
KINS : I serious oo, that’s why I always go to the fast food to eat before Rita came to this house, and started doing the cooking
WESLEY : how did you marry her, so you did not check her well
KINS : guy I noi dey around nah
WESLEY : hmm
KINS : I even enrolled her in catering school, after two months she stopped going to the school

WESLEY : why
KINS : she said she cannot combine the catering and her academic together
WESLEY : this is serious, what are you going to do, why don’t you return her back to her mother, and get yourself a better wife
KINS : I love her, and she dont disturb me too much
WESLEY : disturb you as how
KINS : she dont care if I go to work or not, she dont care if I sleep at home or not, I come back middle of the night, she dont bother, she dont question me, I like her for that, all she need is money
WESLEY : wow, all girls are different
KINS : Yes they are different, charity is not a wife material, a good wife should always know the in and out of is husband, but my charity dont care

WESLEY : as for me, Rita has started disturbing to go and work
KINS : why na, you always have your money
WESLEY : she dont want to hear that one, she said I should go to work like my fellow men, that a man that stays at home doing nothing is a lazy man
KINS : wow, you don enter, is doing the right thing, you have to go out and work for the money
WESLEY : yeah
KINS : let’s go ( they left to their various destination)
( 10pm in the night, wesley came back home, I served him his food, after eating he came to the bedroom to meet me)

WESLEY : baby how was your day
RITA : not too fine, I missed you so much
WESLEY : hmmm, you miss me
RITA : Yes, did you see my mum and my sister
WESLEY : no, kins said your mother travelled back to the village this morning, she thought you are already in the village
RITA : ayah
WESLEY : I did not see charity at home
RITA : ok

WESLEY : baby, do you know your sister charity don’t know how to cook
RITA : did you eat her food
WESLEY : no I did not, kins complained to me
RITA : ok oo
WESLEY : why dont she know how to cook
RITA : baby, dont forget we will be traveling to see my mother right
RITA : when we get there, I will remind you this question, so that you will ask my mother
WESLEY : is surprising
RITA : surprising ok oo

WESLEY : let me take my bath, I need some rest
RITA : ok dear
( Wesley entered the bathroom to take is bath, then is phone started ringing)
RITA : baby, your phone is ringing
WESLEY : ok, pick it, is jacob, I am expecting his call, tell him I will call him back
RITA : okay ( When I tried picking the call, the caller is not jacob but gloria) baby is not jacob oo, is Gloria
WESLEY : dont pick it
RITA : ok
( I kept the phone, but the Gloria kept on calling, I picked the call, I could not say a word, because wesley we hear me, I ended the call and checked Gloria on whatsapp)
(Our whatsapp chart)
RITA : hello
GLORIA: baby why nah

RITA : what happened my love
GLORIA: why did you leave, without waking me up
RITA : I am so sorry, I left in hurry
GLORIA: but you promise to spend the whole day with me, only for me to wake up not to see you
RITA : so sorry my love
GLORIA: I woke up and I needed more of you
RITA : wow, baby let me call you in thirty minutes time
( After the chart, I started thinking)
RITA : oh God give me the heart to bear this, I know it will never be easy for him to change, I pray he change (wesley walk in)
WESLEY : the phone is no longer ringing
RITA : no my love

WESLEY : ok, is Gloria right
RITA : baby who is gloria
WESLEY : Gloria is a family member
RITA : cousin
WESLEY : hmmm, yes Cousin somehow
RITA : ok, I will be in the sitting, are you joining me
WESLEY : no, I need to sleep
RITA : ok

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