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my blood sister - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Went I left to the sitting room to watch movies, wesley decided to call gloria

WESLEY : (phone ringing)
GLORIA: hello darling
WESLEY : how are my boo boo
GLORIA : am fine, where did you go
WESLEY : I was bathing that’s why I couldn’t pick your call
GLORIA : no problem my love, so let us continue from where we stopped in our whatsapp chart
WESLEY : whatsapp chart

GLORIA : Yes na, our chart in whatsapp na, you told me you will call me back in thirty minutes time, so tell me why did you left me in hurry
WESLEY : I left in hurry
GLORIA : baby what is wrong with you, you and I charted few minutes ago and you pretending now, as if you don’t know what is happening
WESLEY : chart, Gloria please let me call you back
( Then wesley quickly checked is whatsapp chart, and he saw all the conversation, he became confused with the chart, he did not remember when he wrote all that to gloria)
WESLEY : when did I write all this, I am really sure I am not the one, I cannot remember doing all that, have I lost my memory that I cannot remember anything, or is it Rita, oh my God if is Rita, I am finished, she asked me who gloria is, I told her gloria is my cousin, double lie, I am really confused, no I am not the one, is Rita, how come he did not even asked me about it, hmmm
( Wesley was so confused, he could not concentrate anymore, he tried to sleep, but he could not sleep, he was restless, then he decided to join me in the sitting room )

WESLEY : baby

RITA : my love, are you not sleeping again
RITA : why
WESLEY : nothing, I just want to stay with you
RITA : that’s nice
WESLEY : what movie are you watching
RITA : final death of shina rambo
WESLEY : ok, am tired of this movie, is too long
RITA : Yes, that’s true
WESLEY : baby
RITA : Yes
WESLEY : is there something you want to tell me or ask me
RITA : no my love

WESLEY : are you sure
RITA : Yes, nothing
RITA : are you fine
WESLEY : no , yes, I mean Yes
RITA : you are fine
RITA : ok ( deep to my heart, I know what is wrong with him, he have seen the chart)
WESLEY : I love you so much Rita
RITA : me too
CHARITY : baby, where is your brother wesley
KINS : he is fine
CHARITY : his he not going to stay here with us again

KINS : no
KINS : kins is getting married very soon, so he has moved to is house
CHARITY : getting married
KINS : Yes
CHARITY : to who my love
KINS : I dont know the girl
CHARITY : why won’t you know, are you not his elder brother, you should know the girl

KINS : I dont know, he has not come to introduce the girl to me, if he come with the girl for me to know her, you will see the girl too
CHARITY : hmm that’s true, I think is Anita
KINS : maybe
CHARITY : I believe so
KINS : have you heared from your mother
CHARITY : Yes I called her
KINS : how is she
CHARITY : she is not fine oo, she said Rita is not in the village

KINS : then where will the Rita be
CHARITY : I dont know, maybe the father of his child house, one gatekeeper or wheelbarrow pusher
KINS : how did you know
CHARITY : Yes, who do you expect her to marry
KINS : is it only gateman or wheelbarrow pusher
CHARITY : then who, doctor
KINS : please good night
(The next day I was still sleeping when wesley woke me up)
WESLEY : baby

RITA : hmm
WESLEY : stand up na
RITA : baby is too early, is just 6am
WESLEY : will you just open your eyes, look at me
RITA : (I opened my eyes and saw wesley in coperate wears) baby what happened, why are you dress like this
WESLEY : I am going to work
RITA : really, that’s nice, let me go and prepare breakfast for you
WESLEY : that was the reason I woke you up

RITA : no problem
WESLEY : you have to get use to it now, this is the time, you will be waking up
RITA : no problem, does it mean you will be going to work everyday
RITA : I like that
WESLEY : you are happy
RITA : Yes i am
WESLEY : madam my food
RITA : you are right
(I left to prepare him breakfast, after eating he left for work, when he got to work, he discovered something)

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