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my blood sister - Season 1 - Episode 44
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When I got inside, my mother was not at home, I went to the kitchen, and serve myself some food to eat. then my witch of a sister walk in

CHARITY : I knew it, I knew you were not feeding fine that’s why I told you to go inside and eat, look at your neck nah, just look at you, you have not even dropped your bag, you are already eating, eat ee

RITA : charity what is your problem, is it wrong to eat in my mother’s house, especially my mother food

CHARITY : do you know if mamas was the one that prepared it

RITA : then who prepared it if is not mama
CHARITY : who borrowed you this expensive clothes, do you know how much they sell it in botique

RITA : no I dont know

CHARITY : I know you dont know, that’s why you borrowed it

RITA : I dont know, my sister
CHARITY : must you impress me by borrowing clothes

RITA : charity I am not in your house, and I did not know you are in the village before wearing this clothes

CHARITY : ok you want to impress mama abi
RITA : charity what is your problem, what’s up with you and this my attire, do you want them, I will give it to you, if you want it
CHARITY : want what, you want to give me somebody clothes, please dont go and put yourself into trouble, by doing good with what is not yours

RITA : fine accepted is not mine, forget this issue

CHARITY : I know is not yours, even this handbag too, I know you also borrowed it
RITA : Yes I borrowed it
CHARITY : I know

RITA : where is mama
CHARITY : she went out( she kept on staring at me)

RITA : why the look
CHARITY : I am just having pity on you, look at you, you have lost so much weight, God will punish that your husband, he want to kill you with hungry, just look at you, ordinary food he cannot provide for his pregnant wife, useless man

RITA : it is your husband that is useless
CHARITY : did you just insult my husband, I can take any insult from you, insulting my husband is what I will not take oo
RITA : you will take insult from me, I am your elder sister and I have every right to insult you
CHARITY : dont insult my husband again
RITA : ( my phone rang, I picked the call and talked to my husband)

CHARITY : ehhhhhh, so you and your husband are theif

RITA : charity you are pushing me oo, you know what I can do to you o
CHARITY : that was then, you cannot do anything again

RITA : hahahaha, God
CHARITY : you are laughing, you think is funny
RITA : charity what is it, why are you attacking me, what are you even doing in this village, I have not had peace of mind, since I entered this house oo

CHARITY: no peace for the borrowers and theif
RITA : what did you just say
CHARITY : you heared me, where did you get that expensive phone from, do you know how much they sell it

RITA : is about the phone now
CHARITY : Yes, the phone, where did you get it from

RITA : I dont know
CHARITY : you dont know, why won’t you know

RITA : my husband just came and give me the phone

CHARITY : ha I said it, your husband stole it, and you collected it

RITA : please I need to rest ( I walk away )
CHARITY : what is happening, Rita has changed, within one week
( two hours later my mother came back)

RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : chineke meh, Rita is this you
RITA : Yes mama is me
MAMA RITA : let me sit down first
RITA : mama

MAMA RITA : how are you
RITA : mama I am fine

MAMA RITA : I can see that, ehhm, charity
CHARITY : mama (she came out)
MAMA RITA : your sister is back o
CHARITY : mama I know nah, is that the reason you woke me up

MAMA RITA : is it not enough to wake you up where have you been Rita

RITA : mama, where else will I be, if not the father of my unborn child house

MAMA RITA : his he taking good care of you
CHARITY : mama, why will you be asking her that kind of question, can’t you see her neck
MAMA RITA : I can see it oo, she is really really looking good

CHARITY : what are you saying, why are you deceiving her na, dont you see, she have lost weight

MAMA RITA : no oo, she did not loose weight oo, she is okay

RITA : mama don’t mind her, I am fine
MAMA RITA : I know my daughter, you are fine
RITA : mama

MAMA RITA : Yes my daughter
RITA : my husband to be and is family will be coming in two weeks time for the introduction first, so I want you to go inform my father kinsmen about it

MAMA RITA : that’s good news my daughter, I will inform them about it, but if I may ask who is him, and when are you coming with him to introduce him to me first
RITA : hmmmmm, I dont think is necessary
CHARITY : hahahaha, so you are ashame to show us your husband to be, why will you be ashame na

RITA : I dont think meeting with the both of you is necessary anymore, when the two of you already know him
CHARITY : we already know him, ehhhhhh
MAMA RITA : what is it
CHARITY : mama now I know who he is talking about

RITA : then who is him
CHARITY : his he not my

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