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My kings daughter - Season 1 - Episode 16
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“welcome Dave. How was your day”? Abies asked.

By now dave had already broken the hug and her eyes were staring at him.
“it was very fine. Is Dad in?” dave asked.
“yeah, he is. I want to say congrats to you. Dad told me what happened. You are now a real confirmed prince, the heir to this kingdom.” she replied.


“No, na. I’m not of royal blood, remember? I am just a pretty ugly farmer”. Dave said.
“well, that’s what you think. But anyone who marries the 1st princess automatically becomes king”. She replied, smiling sarcastically.
“what are you trying to say”? Dave asked, faking a smile.

“Time will tell. Just go inside and rest. I know it was a pretty hectic day.” Abies replied and then she went inside the palace.

Dave went to the king’s throne room and then expressed his appreciation once again.

Afterwards, he went to Ovie’s room and they chatted and chatted and chatted, till he remembered that he hasn’t eaten since the time he ate in the city.

But he just couldn’t leave Ovie. He was enjoying her company. He always found himself staring at Ovie.

He also caught her stealing glances at him and then developing goose pimples.

“Have anyone ever told you that you are beautiful”?

He couldn’t believe he just asked that.
The only reply Ovie gave was a smile followed by a blush. Dave smiled to himself. He then told Ovie that he wanted to eat if she wanted to join him, but she declined.


Dave went to the throne room to ask the king if he had any errand for him(dave).

King: “well, about that. I am thinking about appointing someone else to perform that role. No prince would perform that role. You are my son now.”


The king is a man that has always been looking for a son for so many years. When Abies, a girl, came first he was thankful to the gods for a child.

Then Ovie, the second girl came two years after. He was contended too because he knew that its the gods that give male or female child and that whichever he receives he’ll be glad.

Then, he became sick. The only herb that could cure him was in the evil forest. His daughters volunteered to go get it, but he banned them from going. He posted a guard outside each of their room in order to prevent them from going to the evil forest.

He had already accepted death as his fate, when the chief priest surprisingly came with the herb. He got to know that a young indigene, Dave, went to the evil forest and brought the herb.

He then decided to bless him, but first, he must know if Dave had any selfish intentions.
So he made him a servant, one who had to do all the work in the palace and would not receive any pay other than to have a share in the palace’s food.

The king was surprised when dave carried out his duties diligently, without fumbling. The king thought he was pretending and then sent two secret spies to watch him everytime he has been sent on an errand. In fact, dave was over joyous that he had the privilege to serve the king.

“This is the son i’ve been looking for all these while”. The king thought.

Thus, he started showering dave with blessings and he doesn’t have any plan to stop blessing him any time soon, even if death takes him, he would ensure that Dave still remains blessed.

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