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My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic - Season 2 - Episode 11
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The light ray made the Rod receptor in my retinal to adjust a little, as it shone directly into my eyes.

I poorly helped myself out, feeling so weak and tasty.

I’ve been licking my saliva all night long, but couldn’t request for a glass of water which is the only hope of revival, to quench my taste.
They handcuff my hands and took me to an unknown room.

I was made to sit on a wooden chair which was by a very large table, of about 25.1 diameter, meeting the measurement for a Standard office desk with size of 60inches long x 29inches high x 30inches deep.

“The two Navy officers who took me to the room stood by my side. One by my right hand side and the other by my left, waiting in silence until the so called Officer Ken walked in;

Young dude, So you are the so called fine-boy? I know you never expected such actions, from your intended future father in-law. But I will tell you this which you have to grab as an advise, “You can never reap what you didn’t sow”
(At this point I could determine the level of evilness in his heart, as he smiled while talking)
I will torture you to death if you fail to open up the truth to me, so now tell me the very criminal that shot Rukky?

I’m not trying to be rude, but I will still maintain my stand that; I didn’t see the face of the person who shot my girlfriend, but I believe some guys who were after my life, did it.

You must be mad… Say thank you

ME: Why should I acknowledge an insult?

Oh, you have the boldness, the audacity, the adventurousness, the chutzpah, the courage, dauntlessness and nerve to question me?
(He was barking like a puppy, who just learnt how to bark)

“Well, I know what people like you want. Officer Collins plug in the pressing iron so I can straighten his brain
(The officer plugged the Iron as instructed)

I know you are a cultist who wants to tarnish the life of Rukky, just as you have done to others and I won’t let that happen. Rukky is my wife already and I don’t want you to ever refer to her as your girlfriend anymore, she is now a wife material and I’ll take it as an insult if you call her your girlfriend again. Right now I demand an apology from you

I’m sorry

Just that?

I’m sorry sir, and won’t call her girlfriend again but wife

Whose wife?

I won’t lie to you I still love Rukky and have vow never to leave her

You are really insane
**He left me, went to where the hot pressing iron was, tore my shirt and placed it on my hairy chest **

( I’ve been seeing such on movies but never knew I will experience it in life someday)

Now renounced your statement?

ME: You wanna kill me right?

I’m not trained for this, but I pleaded to Rukky’s Dad to let me handle this myself because I wanted to see the man in you. So will you still see her as your girlfriend?

**groaned in silence**
(I was like complaining deep inside me; Imagine this guy won drag my only love with me, which is not possible)

I’m talking to you…

I kept him quiet which got him provoked more and more.

He griped his phalanges firmly to his carpels, and unleash some punches on my face, which makes blood to come out from my mouth.

He walked back to the pressing iron which has shown red light up to four times and placed it this time on my pubic region through my trouser.

I felt it on my curve7 as he pressed it hard with the two Navy officers holding my hands towards the chair I was sitting.
(This time around, I noticed my soul left my body until the temperature has reduced, before coming back)
I quickly shouted “she is yours, you can have her as your wife”

Good boy, this is what I expected from you. Now you have made me done what I never wanted to do

I’m sorry, please Sir
(with tears on my eyes)

**smiling** I will make sure you, are freed today, but you must assure me you won’t go near Rukky from today hence fort and give me the details of your claimed suspect who is after you, agreed?

Yes, I agree….

I gave him the details he needed, dropping Batam’s name as the suspect;

So how can I get him, I mean his address

No 7, Alaka close off Opute hall
(I don’t really know his house, but knew he stays with Lillian sometimes, that was why I gave Officer Ken Lillian’s address)

The officers will attend to you so you can leave, after signing some agreement forms especially the disengagement form between you and Rukky
(He left after robbing my head with the bloods that stained his hands)

— — — —

I was granted bail and escorted by a female Navy officer to the gate.

The officer wanted to talked to me about something as we walk out, but could not.
She placed an envelop inside my pocket and wink at me as I climbed on a bike that was waiting for passenger…

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