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My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic - Season 2 - Episode 14
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Chekwube kept on staring at me, as my quietness got her worried more and more.
She knelt down in front of me, seeking for a positive response, which can’t come into reality, not even in my dreams.

It was obvious that she meant every bit of the love thing, but I just can’t go into any relationship right now.

If I should even date someone it can’t be Chekwube whom I have already taken as my sister.

For her not to feel embarrassed, I tried what I could to advise her;

Chekwube this is unlike you, please smile and stop carrying this weird look

Stop teasing me

trying to hold up the smiles which came out forcefully, as she blushed **

I’m not teasing you, I love it when you put on your glamorous smile


Its a nice thing you open up to me, what you felt. I myself felt same for you, I love you so much just as I’ll love a caring sister, I really can’t stay a minute without thinking about you but its not wise for us to engage in a carnal relationship. Let’s remain the way we were, and even grow stronger as a family. You know what I’m passing through presently and I haven’t really escaped out of it

**Looking mild**

Please try and understand me, don’t read my words wrongly… Let me just open up so many things to you, hope you know Lillian?


ME: She has been on my neck all this while, she wanted us to date which I didn’t agree to. So if she finds out am dating you then your life will be in danger

CHEKWUBE: Are you trying to put fear in me?

ME: Why should I? I’m telling you like a brother will tell a sister, She is dating a very strong cultist and still want me to herself…

She must be an animal, a very cheap who_re

You see!! So please I don’t want you to get involve If God want us to be together then we must surely be, but for now forget about me being your boyfriend

I’ve heard you

Come on, give me a hug
She came into my hands which was wide opened, waiting for her to come in. She really felt comfort in my arms and never wanted to get separated…

She serve the food she bought and placed it in front of me.

I ate it enjoyably, as she seems to be satisfied with all I told her, instead of frowning in anger.
We were together gisting and having good time like we used to…

She later left for her house, promising to come spend the night with me, and help copy all the notes I’ve missed for the week.

— — —

Immediately Chekwube left, I picked up my phone from the end of the bed and decided to go through it, when Lillian call came in;

Eli, what is going on?

I don’t know how to explain it, but am at home now, no more in the custody of those military men

I’m not talking about you being in their custody or not

Then what do you meant by ‘What is going on?

LILLIAN: Are you trying to say you don’t know?

ME: I don’t know where you are driving to, why not make me understand instead of putting me in suspense and making me feel guilty?

Some police men and navy officers just stormed my house, you mean you weren’t aware?

Seriously I’m not

Well they arrested Batam who just came to town today. The annoying part of it all was that he was arrested in my house, and they accused him of shooting your useless girlfriend Rukky

ME: You don’t mean it

Spare me that, we need to talk right away because i’ll be filing a case tomorrow morning, I can’t do that today because my lawyer is not around neither can I reach my mum as I talk to you

Then let’s see tomorrow because am not fit to go out

LILLIAN: I’ll be coming down to your house then…
(She end up the call immediately)

I never knew the police will take such action, but deep inside me I was happy that Batam has been apprehended, and knew it will be very difficult for Lillian to help him out.

I know what Officer Ken is capable of, especially when he has a strong backup General Bright who is Rukky’s father…
Chekwube came in. I was happy to see her with a flask and her school bag.

I knew she will be of help, in terms of copying the notes.

I told her what Lillian told me, and we both went outside the hostel to wait for her.

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