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My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic - Season 2 - Episode 15
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Chekwube and I sat on the fence of the hostel discussing, as we waited patiently for Lillian to arrive.

40mins had gone yet she hasn’t showed up.
I knew she must have been close, so I didn’t bothered to go back inside.

More so I don’t even know the stuff she has prepared for me, so I was eager to meet with her.

Myself and Chekwube spent extra 20mins. Making it closed to an hour, before Lillian finally show up.

She didn’t even used her Rang Rover Jeep rather she came with a motorcycle.

She was about walking towards us, after paying the bike man when I jumped down from the fence leaving Chekwube behind.

I approached her, and the following discussion were ensured;

So what were you talking about on phone, and why do you insist on seeing me today?
(Saying it without putting a smile on my face)

Don’t tell me you have lost your manners?

ME: Hope that isn’t an insult?

Are we going to discuss out here? Please let’s go inside
(What is this girl trying to do? I asked myself deep within)

Okay let’s go, if that is what you want
She greeted Chekwube as we walked inside the hostel, we got to my room and sat on the bed to continue the discussion;

LILLIAN: Sorry for the way I talked to you on phone, I couldn’t take it when they invade my home in search of Batam. I was even trying to breakup with Batam Just because of you, when they came to arrest him. I just want to clear the fact that he was arrested in my house, that is why I have to bail him.

(I was really short of words, as I presume her to be trickish)

ME: So what is your plan?

First thing tomorrow the both of us will be going to the station with my lawyer to bail him

Tommorow Sunday?


ME: I have no problem with that anyway

**holding my hands** So what is that special thing you have for me?

I have nothing for you, rather I should be the one asking

WOW!!! I have everything available in this life for you. I really miss you

And you didn’t bother to know what was happening to me

LILLIAN: I heard all that happened between you and Rukky’s Dad. I was also told that you are no longer together since Rukky already have someone betrothed to, so now I don’t think anything will hinder our love affair anymore
(at this point she was robbing my face with her fingers, smiling)

Yea, i’m no longer dating Rukky and I can’t date anyone else. I’ve passed through alot in relationship issue recently, and choose to stay alone for the now

LILLIAN: You won’t have issues with mine, my family will accept you as my husband and we will live happily. I need to start going now because its late, see you tomorrow
She kissed me and pulled me up on my feet, as we walked back to the gate.

She bade Chekwube goodnight and stopped a passing motorcycle, which took her home.
Chekwube who suspected our being together in the room alone, cleverly asked me some questions?

Don’t tell me you guys were talking about Bantam’s arrest for about 30mins plus?

Ya, that is the major reason she came

CHEKWUBE: She didn’t talk about you guys relationship?

ME:She did but I didn’t give her time to continue on that

CHEKWUBE: You didn’t gave her time, but her red lipstick has made your lips to be red like hers

ME: You mean there is lipstick on my mouth?

CHEKWUBE: No, its palm oil. Let’s go and copy those notes now since there is light…

We went inside, copied the notes and later ate the food that Chekwube brought, late that night.

I slept off leaving Chekwube who was busy watching movies.

— — —


Chekwube prepared for church service, while I got myself prepared waiting for Lillian’s call.

I saw Chekwube to the gate, where she took a bike to her Church.

I was about going inside when a car horned trice, I turned back and saw Lillian’s car with a man at the passenger’s side.

I went close to the car;

Hop in, let’s go

Okay, Good morning sir

Good Morning!
I opened the back door, entered the car and breathe deep in comfort, as we drove off to the police station.

Actually I got no worries in following them to the police station, but my fear is if I can stand Batam one on one…

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