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My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic - Season 2 - Episode 26
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Over the years, I have learnt to love her and felt safe with her.

I was so nervous that I held her hands, asking her to explain what she was saying;

I still don’t understand dear

Please try and understand. I am leaving this country for South Africa by this month end

But why, aren’t you working for your Mum again?

My Mum was the one who brought the suggestion. Remember I told you they opened a very big computer centre in South Africa for me?

ME: Yes I remembered

The business has been under the custody of my cousin, who based there in South Africa. He has gotten a good Job in one of their refineries, and have to leave the computer centre for that Job

ME: But that is not enough reason for us not to see again, with the way you talk I think there is something attached to it

My parents want me to start my life there, and got married if possible

Meaning you are leaving me behind, to perish here in Nigeria. I hate being deceive, this wasn’t our agreement when we started this whole thing

LILLIAN: As my chocomilo, I would love you to take it that way. You know i can go extra mile to keep you to myself, but got to obey me parent’s just this once. I will surely book a ticket for you to come over, if things didn’t work out fine there

No problem

I’m going to my Uncle’s house now, but won’t be passing the night there. When I’m done with him, I will go to any hotel around and send you the address to come over

I have heard you

Come on my chocomilo, I need a kiss

I can only offer a perk

LILLIAN: Okay then, I’m waiting for it.

I stood up and stretched towards her, planting a superb perked on her cheek **

We left the beer parlor, as soon as our bottles were emptied.

After that day’s job, I went to the hotel which Lillian sent, and pass the night there with her.
We had fun that night, but I wasn’t still myself.

I was till bothered with the news of her departure, from the country.

ever since then, we talked on phone, on daily basis. I tried convincing her not to go, but all my efforts seems not to be active but abortive…
— — —
The end of that month came, and she successfully left the country for South Africa with the intention of not returning back.

She called me to come over early that day to see her off to the airport, but I didn’t abide to her request just because I knew she will never get married to me.

Due to boredom at my place of work, I decided to login to read updated stories and news for the day.

After reading the last updated story tittled “Clara the state Governor’s daughter & I” written by Valentine Nkemjika, I decided to go through my Facebook Notifications.

There I saw Lillian’s taking off photos, and photo’s of her arrival to South Africa, on my timeline.

I couldn’t comment on the pics, but managed to click on the like button because she tagged me to it.

Chekwube was now the only one with me.
She sometimes visit me in warri, and I myself always travel to Sapele on weekend to see her…


On this fateful morning, I was in the laboratory preparing some regent when an unknown number started calling me.

I never wanted to take the call, due to laboratory ethic’s, but the number kept on calling.

I decided to drop the conical flask on the bench, so I can easily switch off my phone.
On doing this, the conical flask slip off my grip.
It broke into pieces immediately it get to the ground surface. The impact of the bottle to the floor was so disastrous, that some of the pieces caused slight injury to my right foot.

The work I have been spending time on has be destroyed. Moreso my boss who is a very disciplined scientist, won’t let me go unpunished.

My skin would have been like that of a fire victim, as a result of the dichloromethane that splashed on me. But due to the fact that I wore my lab coat and gloves, I couldn’t fall victim to the hazardous laboratory accident.

I angrily took the phone from the bench, clicked on the green button with the intention of shouting at the caller. But the voice I heard from the other end got me motionless.

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