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My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic - Season 2 - Episode 33
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Before Officer Ken could ask who the friend was, I was already at the back of the security post.

I made sure I listen attentively, since am a bit distant from them. I taught my mission has been put to an end but I was bewildered with the way Fabulousvicky and Officer Ken discussion ended;


Yes, but its not something you have to bother about
(She turned back to see if I was coming, but didn’t noticed I was squatting at the back of the hotel security post, which was closed to them)

Okay, I don’t know if I will meet you guys when I returned

FABULOUSVICKY: I will be with Rukky till 5PM before leaving

OFFICER KEN: In that case I might meet you here, let me start going.

(Fabulousvicky waved her right hand at him, as he hurled up the side glass)

He drove off as soon as they concluded their conversation.

Fabulousvicky turned around again and saw me picking up a key.

I stood on my feet with the key on my hand and returned her gaze;

Where went you?

I was right behind you, didn’t you noticed I was urinating by the security post?

FABULOUSVICKY: Not at all, Is there gutter at the back of the security post?

Yes there is

Okay, Rukky husband to be just drove out

ME: You mean Rukky’s husband was in the car that just passed me?

That is his car

Oh No! I would have loved to meet him

That will be next time or tomorrow. Let’s get going

I joined her as we walked in. I wanted to convinced her to call Rukky on phone first but I knew that won’t be possible because she has already started suspecting me.

We got to the reception where I halted my movement, having another plan instead of going in with her;

FABULOUSVICKY: Aren’t you coming in?

Its not ideal to go into a lady’s room like that, you have to tell her that someone is waiting for her at the reception

Strange again!

Please just do it that way, I was not brought up like that. If she wants me in then I will go in to see her, but please don’t call my name.

FABULOUSVICKY: Okay, I am coming
She went inside looking a little bit convinced with what I told her.

As soon as she went off my sight, I sat on one of the available seats at the reception, and picked up a vanguard newspaper that was on the table.

I checked my wristwatch to know what the time was saying at that moment. It was 11:21AM which tells I have less than 12hours to achieve a positive outcome.

I tried calling Jerry but his number wasn’t connecting, I had to text him about the progress of the mission and hoped to hear from him.

After about 4mins of waiting, they both came out.

Rukky’s appearance tells how eager she was to see the visitor.

In an attempt to avoid errors in the mission, I hastily covered my face with the newspaper and observed her reaction;

So where is the so called person you said is waiting for me?

Jezzzzz! He was here before I left to get you, does it mean he went back to his car?

I think you have started with your prank thing, but believe me, this isn’t funny

This isn’t a joke, let me check outside

RUKKY: Okay, I will be in my room waiting. So if you see the ghost you are looking for tell him to come inside with you, that is even if it is true that you came here with someone!

Okay I am coming.
Fabulousvicky rushed outside to look for me while Rukky turned her back with the intention of going to her room, as soon as Fabulousvicky left.

I picked up the courage to face her one on one.
She walked back towards her room without knowing I was right behind her.

She walked passed room1,room2,room3,room4,room5 and stood in front of room6. She was about opening the door when I called her name ‘RUKKY’, She turned her back and saw me standing right behind her…

Rukky whose appearance showed how disgusted she was seeing my face, became speechless.

I knew I won’t get any positive reaction from her, but which ever way I got a task which I must deliver, and the opportunity is now or no more…

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