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My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic - Season 2 - Episode 38
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I parked comfortably at a zone close to the registry, hoping to see the bride in her wedding gown.

Around were couples, who were about to get married but I couldn’t find Rukky nor Vicky. With the intention not to make my presence noticed, I told Jerry to check around and give me feedback.

After some minutes of diligent walking, he came back to inform me of the happening in the court;

It seems like three marriages would hold in this court today, one of them just ended and the second one is about to commence. With the look of things Rukky’s own is the last and it’s scheduled for 9am

But it’s 8:35AM already, which means they are supposed to be somewhere around here.

Let’s hope we are at the right place

Definitely we are, this is the court that was printed in their invitation card and this is also where Vicky asked me to come by 8AM this morning.

We were still debating on the issue when we saw officer Ken. He was gallivanting to and fro, with a particular guy wearing same suit with him (best man) and some men who seems to be navy officers on mufti(disguise) following them from behind.

His mood was’nt normal, so I knew there was fire on the mountain. Making and Receiving calls became a routine done by him in an interval of every 2mins, who knows who he was trying to reach.

In a glimpse of an eye, the time has gotten to 9:15AM and the rest of the couples were all gone.

The place was now left with only few persons that came there because of Officer Ken and Rukky.

It is mandatory that in court marriage (registry), much crowd are not needed as only few persons especially both parents, and few friends will be around to stand as eye witnesses.

There was no doubt that Rukky won’t show up anymore, i tried to reach Rukky and Vicky on phone but their lines were switched off.
When I looked at my wrist watch and saw its 10:01AM already, I lost hope on everything and decided to call Officer Veronica before going to the reception ground or home.

I dialled her number several times which rang but she didn’t answered.

Myself and Jerry were still observing, when something dramatic happened.

We saw an infinity jeep that is well decorated with the printed writeupABOUT TO WEDon the plate number of the car.

I was speechless at first but Jerry brought it to my notice;

Guy I think that is Rukky

Yes I think so too, if she wanted to come why did she took so long to show-up?

It’s like they got a plan

What kind of plan is that, can’t you see Officer Ken smiling? That was someone that wore a sad face couple of minutes ago

Yea, I can see him smiling

I have to stop this marriage by all means, maybe I should let the registry know of his offense
(I was about stepping down from the car when Jerry pulled me back and locked back the door)

Don’t do anything stupid, what you are saying is not wise at all. Now is not a time for such, let’s just watch how things goes and think of a better plan

I wasn’t convinced with all Jerry said as I watched how the car parked in front of the registry.

Officer Ken walked closer to the car to welcome his bride, only to be shocked with the first person that alighted. It was Junior the boy Veronica had for him that first came down, before Veronica herself came down.

Officer Ken was shocked, a car meant for his wife was being used by his ex love.

Veronica approached him with her son beside her;

You are surprise to see me right? I promised you that you can’t escape from me and I am back to fulfil my words
(Officer Ken raised up his hands in an attempt to slap her).

VERONICA: Don’t even dare it, you want to slap me in the presence of your son and your friends? Imagine the kind of beast you have turned into, a military head for that matter

So you came to spoil my day with this your b-----d, you call a son

If you call your son a b-----d then you are also a b-----d, because in the next minute you will be the headline of all newspaper and your so called father who is the speaker of house of Reps. will deny you also.
(Officer Ken was vibrating in anger as Officer Veronica words hurts him so bad)

To worst the whole situation, Rukky and her dad came down from the car behind the one meant for the bride.

Rukky was not on her wedding gown, she wore a simple pink gown and didn’t even looked as someone that is getting married.

Herself and her dad walked to where Officer Ken and Veronica was. Immediately, Rukky’s Dad landed some powerful slaps to Ken’s face.

Officer Ken couldn’t retaliated as he was bombshell with the whole scenario, In a duration of no time the media and some NDLEA officer came down from a car I never imagined people were, and handcuff officer Ken.

A well organised video coverage was made as he was taken out of the scene against his wish.

I was so happy and alighted from the car. Rukky sighted me and ran to me at once.

She was so happy I witnessed all that happened and held me close to herself after planting a special kiss on my lips. We were still holding each other firmly, when we saw officer Ken staring at us with anger as he was driven away by the NDLEA private car.

We stopped kissing when we noticed that the whole gathering diverted their focus on us. Rukkys dad’s face wore a frown as he walked in a haste towards us.

Jerry who was inside the car observing, quickly rushed out and stood in front of me before Rukky’s Dad could get closer.

As soon as Mr. Bright (Rukky’s dad) came to where we were, he watched Jerry for some few seconds before voicing out his anger with a very high pitch;

Little fellow, are you here to save him or what?
(referring to Jerry who was standing in front of me like a protective block with his hands wide open)

Sir i am not only here to protect him but here also to assist him in saving your daughter. He does not deserved anything bad for protecting your name, and your daughter

Dad please just let them go
(Her dad looked at her, shakes his head and turned back to Jerry)

If you know what is good for you, better get off my sight so I can talk to someone useful
(Hearing this makes Jerry, Rukky and myself to be surprised)

**Jerry walked off**

Young man, I dropped a simple instruction not to get close to my daughter but you disrespected my ordered and….

Out of tension I didn’t allowed him to finish his statement **

I didn’t tend to do so purposely, I was just trying to help a friend who was in danger

That’s exactly what I was saying. You disrespected me and went ahead to render her help. Not just ordinary help but a help that takes a private agent to deliver, I must confess to you that I am pleased and must congratulate you with a handshake **smiles **

Thank you sir
(Shaking him confidently)

MR. BRIGHT: I am aware of your relationship with my daughter because she told me about it, and I have to approved it since it was the first time she is falling in love. But I separated you both thinking you can’t save my daughter from a gunshot, not knowing you can even save her with something much more than that **laughing ** I have no choice than to support your Union, because with the look of things you both are meant to be

Oh! Thank you daddy

You don’t have to, I forced you into danger and your love has come to your rescue. I taught Ken has changed not knowing he has grown in it, and wanted to risk my daughter’s life

Sir but…….

No but…. I hereby bless your relationship and hope you both get married soon, but that will be when you are ready. I have to start going

Rukky’s Dad walked out on us, and others started leaving the premises one after another.
All that Rukky’s Dad did still slide in our brain, leaving us with surprise. Myself, Rukky and Jerry were still standing in a fixed position when Officer Veronica walked to us;

I must say a big ‘thank you’ to you Eli, without you I couldn’t have won this battle

I should be the one thanking you, because you made me a hero which I am not

laugh **

**smile** Thank you Ma’ you have made my dreams comes true. But how do you intend to raise this boy alone?

I can do that, because he is my blood. Although I planned to get married someday

JERRY: I am a bad boy otherwise I would have loved to be with a military woman

Jerry you aren’t funny at all, better try the next door…
(pointing to fabulousvicky who was just observing us from afar)

We all laugh together in joy before taking our leave

— — — —

Officer Ken was charged to court with so many allegations, and proofs were given that he couldn’t deny nor escape from.

He was dismissed out of the force, and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

My relationship with Rukky became a talk of the town, because we were so tight that no one can put asunder…

Rukky went to Uniben to further her education and became a computer operator in one of the biggest Telecommunications company in the country, while myself went to NDU (Niger Delta University) which has always been my dream school to acquire a B.Sc degree after successful years in studying Med Lab Tech (Medical Laboratory Technology)


Jerry was so lucky to have Chekwube as his girlfriend…

Hmmm it was all my handi-works, but I made sure they don’t experience what I experienced in mine. I made sure they don’t cheat on each other and they did a great job of bonding together easily

Never loose faith in your beliefs and Keep pushing to that thing which brings you happiness. Don’t even back out from what ever you feel is good and right….

#don’t hold back your feelings to someone you love, tell him/her how you feel …. -*let LOVE lead*-

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin

Good relationships are not just about the good times you share; they’re also about the obstacles you go through together, and the fact that you still say “I love you” in the end.


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Mar 18
Thank u nigga God bless u guys with everything in ur relationship. Be gud husband bro. One of d best story
Somebody's Guy
Mar 18
Sweet and Romantic Story. So filled with suspense and the ending made complete sense.
Mar 19
@Somebody's Guy

Thanks for following this story to the end + commenting, you guyz are really great.....

Stay tuned for more lovely and interesting story, coming soon.....
Apr 11
Helll yeah... lol i never thought t would end like this? best story i hv read here @ the moment
Apr 12
i so much love this that i wish to fall in love again
May 24
what a story, more more blessing
Aug 16
I always comment on most of the stories I ve read here as the best without knowing there re other better ones unread. This will make a good sales if u introduce it to the nollywood industry as firm lol. Kudos abeg u really tried I feel happy reading this, though there re some part that made me angry but like u quoted at the end "A successful marriage......."
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