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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 5
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*Rose’s point of view continues*

I gently knocked!

And their voices stopped immediately.

I could hear the hush crying of the girl.

I waited for twenty seconds and no one answered, so i knocked again.

“Who be that sef?”
Harry’s harsh voice.

“It.. It’s me.” I said.

He would certainly be shocked to know it’s me.

“You no get name?”
He asked.

“It’s Rose, Jonny’s girlfriend.”
I said.

He said. He was obviously suprised.

I said.

“Okay, i dey come.”

Few minutes later, he opened the door.

And immediately the young girl ran out.

She wouldn’t be above fifteen years old.

I pretended to be shocked to see the girl.

She was wearing a black short skimpy skirt and a yellow top that stopped above her navel. I looked on as the girl crossed the road and disappeared out of sight.

Harry cleared his throat and i turned to him.

“Madam Rose.”
He smiled and crossed his arms, as he stood at his door.

“Harry,” I said.

“You go come in? Abi my room go fear you?”
He asked.

I wanted to decline and just go straight to the point but i nodded my head in affirmation and walked into his room.

God save me!

“Sit down. Why you dey stand when sit dey”
He asked me as he sat on his bed.

I gently sat on one of the two plastic chairs i saw.

“Make i dey jolly now, abi?”
He said, and laughed.

“For what?” I asked as i glanced at him.

Ugh! He was ugly.

Not so ugly tho.

“Say madam Rose finally finally come my house. You wey hate to even talk to me..”

I smiled, “I don’t hate you Harry but your manners and the way you live your life.” I said to him.

“For your pocket.”
He said.

“Wetin you go take. Star? Life? Legend?”
He asked

“Harry i don’t drink alcohol. Don’t even bother your self about offering me something. Besides i’m coming from Stanley’s shop. He offered me something and my stomache is filled up.”
I said.

“See this one. Oyibo girl. Abeg yarn me for broken. Who english epp.”
He said laughing.

I followed.

The guy is funny tho.

“You no say i sabi broken, the thing be say i no dey really like to speak am.”

“Na Warri babe you be. No be because you go university, you dey form intellectually.”
He said and i laughed.

“Ah Harry, you will never change.”
I said.

“You dey see me as bad guy na. Dey tell Jonny wey be my childhood paddy, make e forget me. Me Harry.”

“You won’t understand. I was scared he go dey follow you dey do all that thing wey u dey do.”
I said.

“Wetin i dey do?”
He asked.

“Like the one i just see run out of your room. Why she run like that sef? Na small girl be that oh.”

He laughed hard, “You say small?”

“Yes. I’m sure she’s not up to sixteen years.”

“That girl you see na small but mighty. Na small pin she be. E be like say you no know First street wella.”
He said.

“Nawa o..”

“Na she come oh, day before yesterday. Wey i dey my shop dey barb hair. Na so she carry herself come say she need money. Say make we do trade by barter. I give am money. Say she go come for night.. I wait here she no show. yesterday, i wait, she no show. And today, i see her for this compound. She think say i go shop. Na so i catch am. She come dey tell me say she dey see her flower. She get luck say you come on time.”

I said with eyes wide open.

“Yes. I for f--k her. I no send.”
I gasped.

“On her period? That’s a taboo Harry. No try am.”
I said, not believing it.

“Who taboo epp.?”

“I dey serious oh. Make you just forgive her. How much you give am”

“Na two pin oh.”
He said

“Two thousand.”

I sighed, “Abeg leave am. Make she see her flower finish. Or you just forget about the trade by barter thing, you do. She’s too small for this.” I said.

“I no fit forget am.. You dey pity someone wey dey share her toto seven times a day. You know how many she don give me the thing?”

I shook my head, “Harry.. Nawao. You no dey change oh.”

“Eh. I don hear. Rose you never tell me wetin make you come my house because me i no say you no fit just wear clothe and start to dey come my house. This na your first time sef.”
He said.

“Na Jonny.”
I said.

“Jonny my guy. He don become Lagos guy na. He don forget me sef.”

“Forget you?”
I asked.

I hope it isn’t the same story that Stanley gave me. My coming here can’t be in vain.

“Jonny never call me since two weeks. I dey call his lines. they no dey reachable. The thing sef tire me.”
He said.

“Same with me Harry. I don’t know what is happening to Jonny. I dey feel say something bad don happen to him.”
I poured out.

“Some thing bad?”

“Yes. Abeg I need your help.”
I Said


“Jonny’s address. I wan travel go lagos Abeg.”

“He tell me say na Lady B you borrow money give am.”

“Yes. I said.”
Stanley didn’t even know of this but Harry do.

“Please i need the address. Im sure he gave it to you.” I said with hope.

“But why you no know your boyfriend’s address since ten months wey he travel.”
He asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what i did to myself. I thought it wasn’t important to know.”

“Nawa o. Well i know am.”
He said.

What did he just say?

“I know Jonny address.”

God! I saw myself in paradise.

“God! Oh my God! Are you serious?”

I rushed at him in a tight hug.

I didn’t bother that he was a bad guy.

I didn’t bother that i hated him
Or he was not good looking.

Or he dresses indescently.

I rushed at him and hugged him, screaming with excess joy.

“Thank you Harry, Thank you.. Im so happy you have it”
I said before i realised we are still hugging, i quickly released myself from him.

He looked suprised and shocked at the same time.

“Sorry, na over happiness dey worry me.”
I said.

“Ah, Rose. because Jonny’s address you hug me.”
He said looking at me with astonishment.

“Abeg, leave that one. Just give me the address. Write am for me for paper.” I said, breathing hard.

“Ah no need to write am for paper. You fit carry am for your head. The thing no hard.”

“Okay then.”
I said.

“Na lekki.”
He said.

“Lekki what?

Where in lekki?

Which side?”
I asked, looking at him.

“Na only Lekki he tell me.”
He said.


This harry is so tricky!

Pls guys, one word for Harry??

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