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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 7
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*Kelly’s point of view*Could you believe it?Could you? That my mom hadn’t sent another lady to my house for the past two weeks!My mom had never done that.She always find a girl to bring to me at least two times in a week.She always do that so i could pick one for a wife. But i end up having sex with them and then throw them out. But even though i’ve done that to so many of the girls. My mom still doesn’t stop inviting another.But this time around, she did.She did. After i threw Tina out. She never mentioned anything like a girl or wife to me.She calls only for business and to know how im doing. But i know myself.I know i can’t endure sex starvation for a weektalkmore of two weeks.Nor do i like to woo a lady.They come to me instead and i f--k them and dump them.Those in my office here.Those around my estate, where i live.Those i meet during a business conference ormeeting.Those i meet when i travel.and those my mom invite to my house.I was every girl’s dream man.But since two weeks now, It’s been like i was cursed. No girl seem to look at me or notice my presence anywhere.I just hope my mom do not have a hand in this.I just hope so..Okay, i can’t call up a call girl.I hate them.I’ve never for once thought of having sex with one before, never.I need sex, And it’s all i could think of now.But although i just met this lady online, yeah. But f--k! she’s older than i am and again, she’sfar from me because she live currently in Delta state.Well, anyway, we’ve planned on meeting with each other and it was next tomorrow. She would come over to lagos here.I was going to have sex with an older lady or im afraid, i might just die of sex starvation..Just then my phone rang.I was in my office, doing nothing else than sex thoughts.I picked up the phone and saw it was Carolinecalling.Caroline is the lady i was going to meet in twodays time.She was beautiful and classic, no doubt but the only problem was that she is older than i am.But i got no choice.I’ve got to do this.*“Hello dear.” I said into the phone.“Hi. How are you doing?” Caroline asked.“Well, i’m good. Just anticipating to see you soon. I can’t wait any longer.” I said.“Wow. Me too dear. I really want to see that handsome face of yours. And so many other things i want to see.” She said, giggling.So many other things?I giggled too as naughty thoughts flooded my mind.“Wow, Baby, you sound really sweet.” I said.“Thank you sugar. You know i would do more sweeter things when we finally get be together.”She said. her voice sounding so sexy.Oh my God!I was already getting high.This lady would sure be fire.F--k age! As far as she got what i want..“Wow, I can’t wait. Baby your voice is so sexy and your words, they’re giving me tingles.” I said softly to her.“You deserve more sugar. Trust me on that.” She said and i just felt my self in cloud nine.“Really baby?” I asked, shutting my eyes.“Yeah.. You sure gonna like every thing im gonna do to you.. Every single thing sugar.” She said so seductively, giggling again.“Oh baby, you’re killing me.”Just then my mom decided to ruin my moment with her call!And if i don’t pick this call, she’s so gonna scream my head off later.“Hello dear. Are you there?” Caro asked.“Yes i am. Someone just walked into my office now. Call you soon okay. Love you.” I said and cut the call.“Hello!” I said.“Ah Kelly! what took you so long to pick my call. Your mother’s call!” She asked.My mom was always shouting.“Mom please stop it. You know i’m at work and busy.” I said“Well, I called you to tell you something very important.” She said.“What is that?” “Do you know The Cokers? Dr Williams Coker and Lady Monica Coker?” She asked.“Ofcos i do. Who doesn’t.” I said. “Do you know their only daughter?” She asked. I’ve seen her pictures in few blogs. but only when her parents is involved.She doesn’t just appear in blogs.“Yes. I’ve seen her pictures in few blogs. Can’teven remember her name.” I said.“Aha. Good good. Her name is Sugar Coker. Suuuugarrr.” She said, prolonging the name. “Oh Kely, what a sweet name.” She said, suprising me.I laughed. “Mom, what’s up with her?” I asked.“I met the Cokers last week on a celebration party and oh their daughter came with them. I was so mesmerized by her beauty and elegance.” She said.“Oh really?” I asked.Is she trying to bring another girl to my house?Ofcos it could be any other person but not thedaughter of the Cokers. Im sure gonna be dead if i try any s--t.The Cokers are multi millionaires and sure wouldn’t take it lightly with me if i mess around with their only daughter.I have to tell mom.“Mom, see, You know the Cokers very well. Mrs Coker is a barrister and you know it. So please don’t try inviting their daughter to my house. I beg you. Not Sugar. You can invite someone else but not her.” I pleaded. It was from my heart.“Oh son. Why should i do that When i know who you are.” She laughed.“Thank you.” I said.“The news is that, they want you for their daughter.” She broke the news like a bomb and i gasped.“What?” “Yes son. We are so lucky. Those family are super wealthy! and you know what it means toget married to their daughter.”“Mom you know im not yet ready for that!” I said. I don’t give a d--n about their richness. I am rich too. Or are my not?“I don’t wanna pretend to love someone mom.Their richness is not what i need.” I added.“Kelly you have to do this. Sugar is a sweet girl. And she already told me she likes you and want to meet you.”“Mom i’ve said mine. Please tell them, tell Sugar, that your son isn’t ready for marriage now.” I said.“You lie Kelly! you lie! And for your information. I’m coming to your house next tomorrow. They are things we need to discuss.” She said.What? next tomorrow?“Mom, not this this sunday please.” I begged.“Why?” She asked.Caroline is coming that same day.“Mom im going out for a veery important meeting please.” I lied.“Important business on a sunday?” She asked.“Mom yes yes. An important business. And you won’t see me when you come. Im leaving very early in the morning.” I said.She was silent for some time.Then she sighed, “Okay then. We’ll see some other time. But it have to be soon.” She said.Oh God! thank you. I won!“Okay mom. Thank you.” I said.“Take care son. Love you.” “Love you more mom.” I said and the call dropped.Oh thank Goodness!My mom almost ruined everything.If Caroline wasn’t older than i am. Mom for sure, would be so happy to meet her, but Caroline is older.. Really older.There’s no way mom would know about her.Well, anyway, it would just be for sometime and i’ll sure dump her old a-s too.And about Sugar Coker and her d--n family?Well, i don’t f-----g care.Maybe i’ll think about it tho. but that’s gonna be right after im done with Caroline.I have to call Caroline now.***#Next_day*Rose’s point of view*I woke up to the lousy noise from Papa Efe’s apartment.They are at it again!“…foolish man!! talk again make i break your head with this bottle!Abeg Neighbours come oh, make una come hear this rubbish man oh. He talk say make i pack my load go! E mi Yetunde! Make i leave this house! Ah, Kole werk!. Infact Papa Efe abiwetin dem dey call you, Ori e ti darun. Olori buru ku Oloshi!” The woman was cursing loudly.“Yetunde. You go leave my house oh. You be badluck. See Nairabet whey i for win. Na so you carry your bad bad luck make me loose am. Na winch you be.” Papa Efe said angrily.“Eh? Wetin you talk? me Yetunde na badluck? Na your great great fathers na dem be badluck. Foolish man.”“Dirty woman!” “Foolish yeye man, I be dirty woman abi. but for night you go tell me make i open my legs make you enter. Na hell fire you go enter this time!”“Abeg comot from my front, make i go out!” He said.“You no dey go anywhere if you no give me money for soup!” She snapped.“Yetunde leave my short!” He shouted!Ugh!Horrible people.They can kill themselves for all i care!I got up from my bed and yawned. Today was saturday.I’ve spent my whole day yesterday, looking forJonny’s address. Although i did get it, But it came in the kind of way i never expected..I walked into my bathroom, and looking into a mirror standing in a corner of my bathroom where i’do keep my bathing stuffs.. I saw that i have emaciated, That i was gettin

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