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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 8
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*#SundayIt was exactly 7:00am when my alarm sounded loudly into my ears, waking me up from my dreamful sleep,where i was having a romantic moment with Caroline.God!“Shut the f--k up!” I yelled, as i hit the Alarm hard and got up from the bed.I had set the alarm so i could wake up early enough to clean up my house for my coming visitor, Caro.Yes, my house is kind of unkept.I have few of my clothes littered all over the seats in my sitting-room. My bathroom looks dirty and needs scrubbing.My kitchen has to be the worse.. Can i even remember the last time i went there?My bed-room needs mopping and needs to betidied up,I need to change this bedspread, the duvet and the pillowcase.What colour would fit our moment?*I laughed.Yes! Red, Red! would do!Red bedspread. Red pillowcase. And red duvet?No no!That would look bloody.Whatever i’ll get to that later.I have to start withh… Ehmm! With the sitting room first. That would be the first place she would see.Yes!I yawned as i walked into my bathroom to brush..Caroline had insisted on coming to my house.She said she hated hotels..She said, us together in my house would make her feel much more comfortable and relaxed.I liked that. Yeah, but im afraid im going to work hard on tidying up this house.As i got through with washing my face and brushing my teeth. I walked to my phone and took it.I have to call her.I dialled her line and it went through.I cleared my throat.It has to sound sweet, “Hello goodmorning sweets.” I said.“Goodmorning baby, how are you this morning?” She asked.“Fine sweets. What about you?” “I’m fine. Im so excited that im gonna see you today.” She said.“Me too dear.” I said.“Hope you had a lovely night?” I asked“Yeah i did. Saw your handsome face in my dreams.” She said.I smiled, “Wow. I did too sweets..You were so beautiful and sweet.” I said.She giggled, “Thank you baby. Im so glad i met you.” She said..Whatever!I faked a smile, “Oh, me too dear.” I said.“I’ll be heading to the airport by 9:30.” She said.“Alright sweetie. Be careful. Love you. Can’t wait to see you soon.” I said.“Thats my baby boy.” She said.“Call you soon.” I said.“Waiting..” She said and i cut the call.Now, what do i start with?Yeah, the sitting-room..***Down, at the sitting room, I first picked up my shirts and neckties which i littered all over theseats.Then i began mopping the floor.., It was a hell of a suffering..When last did i clean this sitting-room?A month ago?If only i have a househelp..A housemaid.Or even a common gateman.I thought i needed none.A bachelor needed not anything like that.Those guys are a disturbance,Interruption,They could run in when im having my best moment. And ruin everything.I needed enough privacy.I hate to have someone in my house who would ruin things for me..I love to live alone.Living alone was the best for me..…Soon i was through with the sitting room.I admired my handwork. It was superb.The couches and sofas where looking fresh.The floor was sparkling.The television and every other thing was looking neatly cleaned.I have changed the curtains as well..The dinning too was looking well tidied and cleaned.I inhaled as i wiped sweats off my forehead.“Good job man!” I said to myself and smiled broadly.Now where next?My bed-room.. That should be the next place she’s gonna see after the sitting room..“Yeah! The bed-room. Sweet!” I smiled..“Can i just imagine all that’s gonna happen upthere?” I laughed.***Humming the song ‘All of you by john legend’ I began to wash and scrub my bathsuite.Today was going to be a great day!Hahaha.As the scrubbing and cleaning went on,I decided to sing out.Iam happy, you know.Today deserves the songs.“My head’s under water but im breathing fine,..You’re crazy and im out of my mind….Cos all..” and my voice cracked!I laughed. So bad.Ugh!I’m the bad type at singing...In two hours, the sitting-room, bathsuite and bedroom was all tidied up.I finally chosed white bedspread with the pillowcase and red duvet and it looked romantic. To me.“Woah!” I exclaimed excitedly. I was good at this tho.In few hours, i’ll be f-----g hell outta the old w---e, on this bed..Then i remembered.“Oh my God! I’ve not called her since then. Where the hell is my phone!” I had left it in the sitting-room.I rushed down downstairs and saw the phone on a couch. I grabbed it and immediately i saw five missed calls from her.Oh God!d--n!How the hell did i forgot to take the d--n phone!I dialed her line and she picked up within two seconds!“Hello baby, i was worried.” She said immediately.“Sorry i was b…” Hell no! How can i tell her i was busy cleaning up.“You were?” She asked.“Sorry dear. I was upstairs doing something. I forgot the phone downstairs in the sitting-room.” I said.God! please let her not ask me what i was doing.“Oh, alright. I’m at the airport. In few minutes, I’ll be on flight.” She said.Oh, thank goodness!“Alright baby. Stay safe. Love you.” I said.F--k love!“Oh Kelly, please add ‘I’ to it. Don’t just tell me ‘Love you’. ” She said.Huh?What the heck!I faked a laugh, “Okay baby, I love youuuu.” I said. It’s just for the main time.“Aww, that’s my baby. I love you too. Take care..” She said.“Yeah”.. I said and the call dropped.Silly!“yuck! I can’t just wait to f--k you and dump your a-s! That’s all you worth!”..As i got to my kitchen, I sure knew what i was going to see. So much dirtiness! and a disgusting smell i can’t point exactly where it comes from.Is it from the counter still littered with the last cabbage and carrot leaves, which i used in preparing a rice four weeks ago.That was the most horrible rice i’ve ever tried eating!How did i even manage to prepare that?Okay, I was bored and so i decided to try cooking.But the food tasted like hell!Was that where the smell is coming from?Or the unwashed pots and untensils?Or the dirty floor?Oh no! i’m sure i forgot to trash that goddamn pot of tasteless rice.I dropped the mob and bucket of soaped water and was about to walk over to the counter when my feet hit the the bucket and itimmediately turned and its content poured all over the tiled floor.“F--k!” I yelled.I tried to manage my steps but unluckily for me, I slipped!and whatever that happened next, i know not of.***#That_same_day*Rose’s point of view*I was in my small kitchen, preparing brunch ofnoodles and egg and listening to some gospelsongs on my phone.I yawned and sang along as my phone played me Cece Winas song, just as the delicious smell of the indomie noodles went through my nostrils, waking up more of the thousand butterflies in my stomache.“….mercy said no! i’m not gonna let you go!I’m not gonna let you sleep away,You don’t have to be afraid!Mercy said no!Sin will never take control..Life and death stood face to fa…” But i got interrupted by the ringtone of my phone.Aunty Caro was calling..Seriously?Oh she actually could call after shoting me offyesterday huh?She must be in lagos now, with her so called super rich guy.Anyway, i picked the call.“Hello hello Rose, can’t believe it!” She spoke immediately i picked up. Her voice was cracky. She sounded annoyed.“What is it?” I asked. I was still not happy with her.“I’m in Lagos now, infact over an hour.But Kelly had refused to pick my calls!” She said. Ifelt her pain.“God! what’s wrong?” I asked.“I don’t know. I don’t. It seem i’ve been fooled.” She said, annoyed.“Fooled?”“God! i no know wetin i go do now.” She lamented.“Eyaah.. Sorry Aunty. Maybe try staying an hour again and keep trying his line..” I said.“My goodness! i feel so ashamed of myself. I’ve been here in this eatery! Kelly can’t do thisto me..” She said sadly to me.“It’s okay Aunty. Just calm down. Maybe he’s…” But I have nothing to suggest.“He’s what?” She asked.I sighed, “I don’t know Aunty. Just calm down.And keep trying his lines.”“Okay.”“Call me if you reach him or if anything else okay?” I said.“Okay.”When the call dropped, i couldn’t hold my laughter as i let it out,..Hahahahahahahahahaha!....Lol! now you guy’s have seen what happened to Kelly on the day he is expecting Caroline.Well, there’s more to know!

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