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My S-x Adventures with Corpers - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I kept mute maybe she was nt talking to me or maybe she is just guessing, the word came again this time in more serious and loud tone.

“do u knw hw to kiss”
i look at her in the eyes full of lust *today those b----t go die well* ‘no ma,i dnt knw hw to kiss,whats even kiss’ i told her pretending,she was kinda surprise, “so u mean u have nt kiss any lady before”
*hahahahaha me wey don kiss many old women be4,see u* ‘no ma have nt kiss once’

“come here”
i walk up to her to her table like someone been controlled. She look into my eyes and kiss me *mehn my brain burst,my electro charges came up to life,my body was in the mood likewise my d--k that is just getting up frm slumper,bt i need to form porsche so she will nt knw am bahd,i need to resist thz kiss so she wont tink am good in it* i resisted it
“ma what is the meaning of that”
‘never mind’ she pick up a book and wrote something in it,tear the paper and put it my pocket then she told me to leave. I got out of the class,check my wristwatch 2:15 *weytin dey worry thz corper nau,everybody has gone home,hope jaytb stil dae skul* i got to my class,everywere has be deserted,no single soul in the skul,i collected my bag that was alone on the chair,i hang it and started going through the gate,i heard my name been called i look at my side and it was jaytb coming frm the library.

Jaytb: Ashawo Magazine na wa 4 u oh.

corper bleeper hw e be na.

your father

oya oya repeat am

your father*handed his hard for a shake,ishook up bck as we laugh*

oboy why u waste time like thz nw? Weytin u dae do with BB since.

just some issue.

u dae craze,na me u dae speak english for abi,tel me weytin u go do there jhoor.

*narrated everything frm A-z*

hmmmm so nai mean say u don use thz ur kpomo lip touch those soft things abi?

no i use ur gutter lip take touch am goat.

why u nor come press those b----t nau?

Me: na small small nau, oh i remember she wrote sumtin 4 book 4 me.

I search my pocket and brought out the paper BB gave me. It reads

“come to my place by 7pm”
me and jaytb scream as we read it together.

Jaytb: wow u nid to dae go prepare nw, no dulling oh.

Me: yes oh i must press those BB have be dying for.

Jaytb: so hw u wan take handle the babe.

*whisper to his ear my ordeal*

oboy u be bahd boy i trust u die,dnt let that b----t safe oh,make sure u press am till the n-----s look at the floor.

I just laff as we went our direction since we have gotten to the route to our different way. I got home by 3:15 one hour trekking. I decided to rest and starts creating my plans,hw its gonna look lyk,hw do i get her weak point,the type of style i will give her. By the time i was done with my strategy my d--k has already risen becux i was demonstrating, ”what do i do nw to cool it down” i went to the kitchen to get cold water,i pour et on et buh the same thing thz time more harden lyk a rock. Then i thought of my s-x toy that always service me anytime i need her,of course u knw who she is. I pick up my phone,went to my contact,i started sliding down the screen and got to “P” and search for progress, i call her she pick up immediately.

swtheart wassup hw are u long time u dnt even care about me again bla bla bla


ok can u come to my place,am lonely at home

Progress: ***********

i was just happy as i ended the call,15mins time i heard a knock on the door. I check et and it was progress she was smiling anyhow,thz gal has become my s-x toy anytime i call her she always come. So we went to my rum,u knw me nau as a sharp boy i quickly did indomie for her,after eating,we rested in 5mins, then i told her,she just remove her clothes and open her leg wide,the p---y was black,well shaved. I just went in and dismantle the p---y,gave her all the style have be rehearsing,so i wil qive it to BB *lemme nor bore u with the whole s-x scene* by 5pm we were done i slap her a-s anyhw as she goes bck home. I got up frm bed and dive into the bathroom and had a quick shower,came out rub my skin wore my cardigan with my pencil trouser and my lofas shoe *i dnt wear timberland lyk jaytb does, winks* i was set,i enter road and branch a chemist store. I bought Vega100 and tramadol500mg, today na do or die,once and for all,remember i wont forget condom nau. I left the store and get to skul down to the corper louge,located were BB stays. I knock on the door and she came out in her transparent gown,maybe she just took her bath becux there was water in her body. I enter the rum,it was nice painted with blue,the rug and the big vitafoam was sumtin else. I set on one side of the bed while she sat at the extreme end cleaning her body,i was spying small. Then a blow was throw to me with a question
“Take that cream and apply it on back”

what happen next

Find out in this thrilling story “my s-x adventures with corpers”.

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