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My S-x Adventures with Corpers - Season 1 - Episode 11
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I kept mute as i heard the question “take that cream and rub my back” i dnt have that courage to pick cream and rub a ladies bck. She repeated the question again with a stern look on her eyes showing full serious. I walk up to were d cream is and grab it. I put my hand inside take a little quantity and put it in my hand i rub it gently as she back me,i start frm her neck down to her shoulder,the body is so soft and killing,i get to the back and did it in a more romantic style,she was enjoying et so with me,my d--k was getting angry as i was moving on her back lyk a moving train. She jerk as i touch a very sensitive part of her back which is the 2nd lower ribs,i mark that area and place another quantity on my palm i decide to go to the bottom of her back bt as i try the towel fell to a lower side. I was expecting her to shout at me as i look at her face bt no she just look and me and winks “continue” she said while i continue the work i was doing,i was nw at the waist doing what am doing,by thz time my d--k has already risen to a voltage of 90% so hard lyk aso rock. She turn around and notice the uneasiness in my trouser.

“why are u punishing me ma”
i ask her as she just smile and look at me,i drop the cream turning around,she held my d--k that is still stuck in my trouse *omo no dulling oh,lemme tel her that am badoo* i move closer and place my mouth inside her mouth,omo see kissing i thought she would resist me bt we continue our kissing,i was licking her lips while she is doing the same,my tongue were halfway in her mouth as she sU-Ck it and tickles it,she also does the same as her tongue also get into mine,i kiss with all my kissing technology i knw *i swear the babe is a bad kisser,she kiss as if her lyf depends on it*,meanwhile she still held my d--k then she went down and remove my trouser down to my boxers, then she saw the 15inches d--k that is so long,she scream at the first sight of it

“wow,whats this” looking so surprise at the surface of it, i started rubbing her hair she held my d--k and was rubbing the head while i move a bit.

she place the d--k in her mouth,it got halfway as the sizes and inches could nt go inside the whole mouth,she was struggling with the d--k as its size is long. I was just putting it inside wella,we continue in that as i continue f-----g her mouth,i c-m in the next 10mins she went to the bathroom and spit the liquid that got into her mouth away. She came bck thz time i took the bold step,undress her as i saw the BIG BOOBS have be dying for,as i unhook the bra the b----t jumped out as if it has been begging the owner to allow her free. The b----t is so biq and straight forward the n-----s were erected and standing like a soldier watching as i look at it, the b----t is as big as that of mercy johnson.without wasting anytime i dive it with force of gravity with my mouth,i place my two hands on the n-----s and started pressing et,i press it then i switch to the main BB with my mouth as i struggle with my hand with the other b----t. She was enjoying it and she was on the bed,she was m0an!ng on a low tune,the ectasy was increasing as i notice that the n-----s was getting stronger and stronger. I continue in that way for 10mins then my mind reflected on my 2nd strategy i wrote in my book “FINGER BLEEPING” i smile as i got the reflection, i left the bb and went to her private region i saw the pink creaming pant she wore,i place my nose as i smell it,it was smelling nice the perfume and the deodorant coming frm the pant was killing.
“gals is that hw u also spray perfume on ur pant,LOL”

I Slid the bottom of the pant to side and smell the p---y,it was nt smelling bahd either,i saw the p---y as it look at me,the c------s was standing like an army preparing to fight battle,i decide to shake the soldier by teasing it with my finger,the soldier staggard as it came bck to its position,she m0an at that instant as she shake,i place my first finger inside,it went in quickly to the inner,she m0an again,i put my middle finger wich is the longest inside,she shook her waist and m0an again,i decide to tease it again then i place my 3rd finger inside and started finger bleeping her in a hard way. *besides she does nt deserve mercy at all i must teach her a lesson she wil nt forget,even tho she finish her nysc* i continue my finger bleeping with force,sumtyms i wil change my finger thriving frm right to left finger,it was a gud sight seeing as i punch the c------s that was staggaring anyhw. I continue my finger bleeping as i finger f--k with different ways and style.

It continues till i heard a sound that came out frm the deep holes it splash on my face as i was so close the p---y,it was so hot as the force c-m out was without no gravity. I raise my face as i saw her shaking lyk a dead leaf in the bed
i was like “Have nt yet even started & u are already behaving lyk thz”

what do u think guys?

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