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My S-x Adventures with Corpers - Season 1 - Episode 3
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We got to our class and the story on ground was new corpers are coming to our skul.

many students were gisting and saying different things “i must make sure am close to them” “i wil go to their lodge to wash clothes for them” i will do this i wil do that…….me and eric was just looking at them and smiling.immediately a teacher barge into our class,everywhere was silent,he was knw as mr okwagbe who teaches crs,he is fat,4ft tall,very lumpy and short,his beards make sense die,he is jovial and always funny.he brought a topic that shock us as he walked to the board and wroke…… Then he ask a question “what is love?” everywhere went silent like a grave yard,he repeated it again and thz time all eyes came to me again *why is it that anytime they ask a question,everyone looks at me * i just remove my eyes frm them.

I ask a question oh,mr okwagbe repeated again,he threatens to punish us if we dnt answer i just stood up and answer it love is the feeling and affection or attraction u have for someone he order the whole class to clap for me,i sat like a king welcome as he sits on his throne.

The rest lesson for the day was good,i walk up to becky and told her my mind hw i love her,hw i see her in my dream bla bla bla she accepted and she became my gf *winks* by 2pm the bell was rang for closing,me and eric went our separte route and i got home.


After assembly that day,we went to our class then in the next 15mins i look at the school gate so with eric and we saw different corpers coming in,wow they were so cute,both boys and girl.

Our attention was driffted to the female ones,we saw black,fair,yellow etc.

We were just discussing about them Then an argument started btw me and eric

oboy u see that one wey fair so,wey the hip large like mercy johnson own so?.

hmmmm that one carry sha,the hip make sense. What about that black one? *pointing through the window *

mitcheww dat one na cast,she fine sha but she nor get beta yansh,u nor dae c as he flat?

mumu boy,u don look the b----t,u nor confam ma,u nor c as the b----t set die.

abeg forget jare,weytin dae b----t,nor be only sU-Ck u go sU-Ck eh. Abeg forget b----t nah yansh and hip dae gud if u hold that yansh dae press am eh na blast oh *describing how i wil press it if i handle it * ‘cn i realy handle it,time will tel

idiot mehn na b----t gud oh,if u sU-Ck am u nor knw say na dead,na that one gud pass. Abi u don forget weytin i do progress. All dose her n-----s i don sU-Ck am tire.

Me: i don hear jare. See make we go help them carry their load so we go look who get yansh and b----t pass.

We went out of the class since there was no teacher and we headed to the gate where the corpers were coming frm. “welcome gud afternon” we greeted them as we approach and carry their bags,i went to the one with biq yansh while eric went to the one with biq b----t.all the corpers were 10 in numbers,8gals and just 2guys. We started moving frm were we met them,carrying their bags to the corpers lodge

Big yansh and big b----t : helo boys what are ur names *talking to me and eric *

am jaytb

am eric

Big b----t :
what class are u *she points at eric *

am in s.s1

am also in s.s1 we are in thd same class * i answered quickly so we dnt prolong the questions *

so corper whats are ur name pls

Big yansh:
am ufuoma

Big b----t:
am peace

wich states please?

am frm bayelsa state,am an ijaw girl

am frm lagos state,am a yoruba gal
I couldn’t continue with my questions since we were already at the corpers lodge.we drop the load.

Me & Eric: we will be leaving nw,maybe a teacher miqht be in our class.

Ufuoma: oh ok thanks anyway manage this *trying to bring out some money *

no ah we are ok,we just decides to help.

We left there and started moving to our class

u dae craze abi,u nor get sense eh

weytin i do nah *surprise *

why u nor collect that money nw,weytin dae worry you?

Me: ahh people wil just met today,why should we collect money,is not fair nah.

u knw what,ever since dem dae tell me say u be idiot i nor dae believe,u too mumu.nw wich money we wan take buy sumtin for break time nw eh?

abeg forget jare

ma forget ba,na ur d--k we go eat for break time,goat.

I just shrugged my shoulder and laff *onething i love about eric is that he is always playful,allthouqh he use harsh words,he is still my paddy *as we got to our class the bell was rang for break.eric look at me with the eye of “sheybi i tell you,mumu” i just avoided his gaze and look outside.

I met with becky we talk and talk telling her all what i knw about love,gisting her and saying tins,she was just happy and smiling all through,my plans work. Closing bell was rang by 2pm,i got home and rested after eating my lunch.

I later came out by 5pm got my self prepare and march to our school down to the corpers louge to assist them in ranging their tins and also to see BIG B----T & BIG YANSH lol

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