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My S-x Adventures with Corpers - Season 1 - Episode 5
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We got to class not after describing our experience about BY & BB.we were taught normally frm different teachers.we were stil gisting and making noise in the class when a young figure came into the class,with my discription she is 5ft tall,has a black face,she must be strict frm the way she barge into the class.she look old somehw,she is slim and her skin ain’t fresh at all,infact no yansh ‘good morning ma’

‘good morning have ur seat’
we sat down like ghost. I pinch eric

oboy hw e b nw,wich kin tin enter our class today

Eric: mehn d way u c am,nai i still c am moh

Me:thz one go hard oh,no yansh,wowo she wowo,she be like who don old self.

no b----t,everytin just flat,does this kind of human being still exists?

go ask ur fada,mumu
We were gisting and discussing that we forgot a figure was in the class.

Corper Flat yansh: ‘hey you 2 should stand up’ she said pointing at us,i look at eric,e don burst oh. “what was my last statement?”

*ahh we have not even ur voice talkless of ur last statement*.we were staring @ each other for 10mins like statue not saying anything.

Corper Flat yansh:
hey you too come outside.

We just came out of were we were sitting and walk to front of the class,all eyes on us as we step out,even my love(becky) was looking at me.

Corper flat yansh:Knee down there!
We knelt down at the front of the class feeling shall be use as example,next time u wont make noise in my class again

Corper flat yansh:
As i was saying before the mosquito bite,am corper mercy,i study in unilag,i guess u guys dnt have a literature teacher,so frm today am ur literature teacher,so what have u learnt so far in literature.*she starts checking notes* good so let me start afresh.she went to the board and wrote “DRAMA” she taught for 45mins,the bell was rang indicating her time is over.she flogged us on our bck then we went to our sit after swearing for her in our mind. Time for bell was rang for break,becky walk up to me in my sit,i was stil recovering frm my flog.

Becky: swtheart aint u going for break?


common say sumtin or is it becux of that small cane?

Me: *look at her and smile* i feel like going home.

Becky: ok come let me excort u
She pulls me up while i told eric that am going home.we started moving and gisting,we got home she enters,i check the house and nobody was at kids siblings are not yet bck frm skul. I just went to my rum and drop my bag,she follows frm behind.after i pull my uniform we went to the dinning table,i check the kitchen and dish food for us to eat.we finish eating and we went to my rum and was watching movie.
She lean her head on my chest as we watch movie together,

becky do u knw i realy love you.

i love you
i raise her head up and plant a kiss on my head,she responded and kissed back by placing her tongue inside,i never slack so we continue kissing as saliva was travelling to and fro our mouth. Then i grab her b-----s,wow so soft and yommie like idomie,i press the tip of her b----t,she m0an,i place my other hand and held the other b----t,i started smooching and squeezing them as she starts m0an!ng a bit faster, ”time flies ” 15mins we were still kissing as i was pressing her b----t.then i move to the next dimension by removing her top uniform and her skirt,i saw a well shave kingdom in a pink pant,it smells so good,then i mellow down and remove her pant as i place my finger inside into her p---y,she m0an,i place my other finger inside then i started finger f-----g her with all my strength,she was m0an!ng loudly,i never let her rest,she was wining her waist as she sucuumb to my styles.

After finger f-----g her for 15mins then i remove my d--k frm my boxer and use it to rub the c------s,i was just teasing her then she shout

“jaytb stop punishing me,i need you inside me”

my motivating spirit was hijack as i heard such words,my brain turn to angle 360¤.then i place my d--k inside and started thrusting it in and out,i started slowly then i recrease my pace faster,i started f-----g her in a fast lane,i was going in up down up down,she was just screaming “ahh yea um swt i love it ya jaytb u swt die i love ur d--k,so nice,ah ya,oops,f--k me,umm,harder,yea harder harder harder” i was increasing my tempo according to her songs,i made sure my d--k touches the rough walls,i felt it my brain was busting,the baby is about to c-m,i was f-----g her suddenly she held me tiqht with her hands and leg so firmly ooops i felt a liquid on my d--k.i look at her she was weak,i continue mine cos i wil soon c-m 5secs later i realease my c-m and drop it on the floor,i felt so weak and i manage to get tissue and clean up.i look at becky who was feeling satisfied

u are such a bahd boy

u too

u just break d guiness book of record nwu made me c-m,no boy has ever made me c-m once, i swear u are superb.

I love u she got up took some bath,after bathing she wore her uniform and off to skul

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