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My S-x Adventures with Corpers - Season 1 - Episode 8
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yea i saw the yansh have been dreaming for so wide like mercy johnson,flat like funke akindele and soft like ini edo,i sq££ze it a little she let out a m0an “hmmmm” the yansh was so incredible,i started teasing her by slapping the yansh playfully then i decide to move to the next dimension since she has already sU-Ck my d--k. At last on i remove my d--k that has been crying for help since,it was so hard and strong,as it came out it look at me with the look of “are u mad,why did u cage me here” i just rub it head by cooling it “am sorry” then i insert my d--k into her p---y frm bck in doggy style,i started f-----g her slowly,then i increase my tempo a bit,she start to m0an fast following my beat,then i started slapping the Big Yansh have be dreaming of,so biq that my hand cannot even held the two exhaust, i f--k her for 15mins time then i change position to missionary style which is eric best style *winks* i put my d--k inside in her v----a she m0an “i love it” the word scatter my head then i started moving fast as if am grinding a pepper,i place my hand in her b----t then i started squeezing it and pressing it,i want to make sure it must look at the floor. She was screaming and shaking her waist “ahhhh yea sweet luv it bad boy sssssss 1 yea umm boy u f--k baddddddd,yea taste gud” she was saying rubbish while i continue my marathon race qiving lionel messi and usain bolt a gap,they couldnt compare with me at all,before i knew it she held me so tight with all her grip as i felt a hot liquid pour out frm her p---y,it was hot and creamy,she just fell on her bck, i look at her “am nt done yet,besides have nt release” then i place it again and continue my race til i got to the world of c----x oooooops it came out straiqht to her vaqina i just fell on her and we slept off. I woke up by 8am i look at the window and everywere is dark “gush” what am i doing here,i got up look around bt didnt see BY i put on my trouser and dress up,since there was light my eyes move round the room and landed on her cupboard,i walk closer to it and saw a packet of POSTINOR 2 i smiled p*thz gal na badoo she just flush out my sperm* i was still wondering when she came in

hy boy *smiling*

am gud,when did u wake up

by 7am

she went to her kitchen cupboard and brought food she cook,place it on the table,i join her and we ate

wow u are so hot,i never knew u cn f--k lyk thz. U are incredible


u even made me c-m,i love dat ur d--k so big and long,if i may quess it may be 10inches

Immediately she said that my king sprang up frm its throne,she notice the hard on that just came up then she dive me and we started kissing. We ended up in 3 more rounds of both chinese, doggy,monkey and all the rounds.

ME: ma am off,besides have be here since.i need to go home nw

wow thank u so much,manage thz *she handed 2k to me* i collected it and went home, on my way home i remember my ph0ne i check it and saw 5miss call frm becky,2miss call frm eric and 6miss call frm my mum. I took a bike frm our skul gate and went home,i was so tired and weak,i got home and met my parents in the sitting rum watching papa ajasco.

Mum: were are u coming frm and were have u been since yesterday*oops that was wen i remember it was yesterday i went to BY place after marking note for her was when we went to the party and nw its morning,i even slept there* i couldnt spoke up,i try to speak bt ntin was coming out frm my mouth,i just stood there confuse. Before i knew it my dad rush at me and held my belt,he started beating me without mercy asking me were i went to. To crown it all i retire to bed by 11am and slept off with bruises on my face,i woke up by 4pm in the evening and went to buy body pain frm the nearest chemist store. I log in later in the night and had several mesg frm different people lyk eric,becky etc on whatsapp. I reply eric and he came online.

oboy na wa for u oh, wich level na i send u mesg tire u nor reply i even call u self,u nor c my miss call mumu

Me: oh mehn itz a long story oh.

na me u dae speak english for abi, idiot. Ur father i repeat am ur father

ME: na wa oh * i narrated everytin to im abt biq yansh,hw i f--k that yansh and press it*

ERIC: o boy u be badoo oh,na mean say dat yansh u d0n handle am,na wa oh,i wish i fit press my BB.

Me: na u knw oh,i d0n f--k my yansh comot oh na to find an0ther corper handle oh,i must make sure i f--k at least 5 be4 they go bck,u no say dae dem go soon serve finish oh

ERIC: na truth oh,we nid to be fast with them 4 months remaining they are out.

I log off n0t after chatting with becky begging her why i did nt pick her calls bla bla bla. I slept off and saw a mesg early morning frm an unknown number

“wow ur d--k is great,i love the size,so long and sweet”

QS:who could thz be? Hope is nt BY or is it BB.

Please help me out with ur comments


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