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My S-x Adventures with Corpers - Season 1 - Episode 9
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i check it again and try to figure out who it may be. Then i decide to call the number,i call and she pick up immediately.

hy sweet d--k *i regonize her voice immediately*

Me: good morning ma

By: hw was ur nyt hope is splendid.

Me: sure just that am feeling weak and tired.

BY: ok see me later in the day.

I woke up frm bed and did my domestic work,i wash the plates,swept the floor,took my bath and got dress up for skul. I ate my breakfast and boll out of the house nt minding my parents advice. I got to skul be4 assembly time so i went to my class to revise my note before the bell will be rang,as i was reading i notice a figure talking to me frm the door.
“hey student follow me”

i observe her, base on who i be nw,she is nt looking bad at all her yansh still big small,she is corper funmi,my biology teacher,so i look at her and place my books in my bag then got up and starts following her. She took me to her office, “hey thats the broom over there,sweep the floor” i took the broom and started sweeping,while she went out,the assembly bell was rang,after am d0ne sweeping i took rag and clean the leuvres,tables and chairs thoroughly. I went out and met her standing in the assembly ground
“ma am d0ne”
ok thanks,u can go to the assembly, i got to the assembly 5mins late i met eric on the line,he look at me with the look of “what are u doing with that corper” i look bck “am just a loyal messenger”. The principal came up on the podium,started his usual advice about the corpers,that we should be thz bla bla bla. Assembly was late becux of the 2much advices,we got to class,i look around to see becky bt she is nt in skul,maybe she is late i guess. Several teachers came in and taught both BY & BB. BY was always winking and smiling at me,i just smile bck,eric undastand the whole scenerio. BB taught us,after she was done as she was abt going out,eric decide to help her out. “ma lemme help you” he collected the material frm her and move straight to the office. She showed him were to drop the books,eric drop the book and decided to start a conversation with her.


After dropping the books,i thought of a way to start a discussion with her.

ma have be having problems with some topics. Cn u help me out.*looking straight to her eyes*

hmmmm really.

ma let me get my book. I storm out of the office to my class “yes is working,time to press those booby,i pray it works” wen i got to class no teacher was in there,i met jaytb sitting alone pressing is phone,i guess he was on coolval cos i saw UPDATED STORY FOR TODAY as i enter the class he look up.

animal were u dae come frm nau?

goat u n0r cee me carry note for BB?


no just nw,mumu *narrated my plan to him*

badoo oya fire down go,nor fall ur hand oh,even if its a kiss

I just laff as i got out of the class with my note. I got there and met her writing her lesson. Can i come in? She look up and told me yes i join her. I ask her so many question ranging frm book down to her lifestyle then to relationship. The words was getting more sweet as we continue our discussion, i told her have nt love before bla bla bla. I told her all the lies i knw in thz world. She bought all of them. As we were discussing she threw a question that bombard my head.
“Have u kiss before”

what happened next

Find out in this thrilling and exciting story “my s-x adventure with corpers”

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