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I ran into Sandra and Shade several times during the course of the next week. Most especially Shade. It got to a point that I started thinking she was shadowing me every where I go. Sandra had earlier called to check on me, she had wanted to come know my place, but I told her I wasn’t home although I was home but I was with Becky. I had a little progress with Becky that day, though she still won’t let me have S£x with her. I begged her to spend the night in my place, hoping to try out my luck later in the night. She agreed after some time but not before making me promise not to have S£x with her or force her into having S£x. I reluntanctly agreed, still hoping she would change her mind. She rushed home and returned later with a bag, her night wear and her Sunday attire were in it as she would be going to church from my place the next day.

We did our nightly rituals before bedtime. I crawled into bed, making sure there was a huge gap between our bodies. Of course Becky wasn’t satisfied with that arrangement and was soon snuggled under my arm, her head resting on my shoulder as we watched TV together.

I think it was her soft sighs that pulled me from sleep, or maybe it was the feel of a hard n!pple against the palm of my hand. Hell, maybe it was my J0yst!ck rubbing up against the silky smooth skin of her butt0ckz. I awoke to all of these s£nsat!ons and more. The scent of her deodorant. was driving me crazy. She was so tiny, wrapped in my arms with her nightgown pushed up around her armpits as my fingers pinched lightly at her tiny Tip. My J0yst!ck had escaped from my shorts and my hips were slowly rocking, pushing my hardness along the crack of her butt0ckz. I knew i had to stop before she wakes up as I didn’t know how she would react if she wakes up and see me making out with her while she was asleep. But even as I thought this, my hand slid down her body, caressing her tiny waist and slowly sliding across her hip, until I reached her thigh. Only then did I realise that she wasn’t wearing any [email protected] I was a goner.

I sat up slightly on my elbow and moved my upper body away from her. As I placed my hand on her shoulder and pulled her backwards she twisted to lie flat on her back, brushing against my J0yst!ck and I m0aned aloud at not only the s£nsat!on, but at the sight of her breasts coming into view. They were so large and puffy, and her n!pples were hard. I couldn’t help leaning forward and flicking my tongue across the small tight bud. Becky m0aned out in her sleep… and she subconsciously arched her back, pressing her breasts against my mouth. I froze up for a moment thinking she was awake. Her eyes remained close and she didn’t make any further sudden movement, so I continued. I wrapped my lips around her small tiny n!pples and sU-Cked on her perfect b0s0m, my tongue stroking her hard n!pple. She was truly delicious.
I rubbed my rock hard J0yst!ck against her hip as I sU-Ckled on her, while Becky writhed underneath my hot, wet mouth. I went on, no longer scared of her waking up. My hands alternated between squeezing her other b0s0m in my palm, and my fingers pinching her tight n!pple.

Becky was panting softly now, emitting low m0ans, and without even thinking about what I was doing, my hand slid slowly down across her flat stomach. Her thighs were pressed tightly together, and I ran the back of my fingers up and down across the juncture, feeling her hips pushing upwards slightly. I pulled my hand out and pushed the covers off her, groaning as the light from the TV illuminated Becky’s body.

I reached down under the knee closest to me and pulled her leg across my thighs, opening her up for my eyes to feast on. Running my fingers up and down the silky skin of her inner thigh, I groaned as I reached her clean shaven pucci ( I was quite glad she had shaven the hairy bush surrounding her pucci) brushing the tips of my fingers across the lips. Feeling how hot and wet she was nearly made my J0yst!ck explode.

As my mouth recaptured her hard n!pple, I slowly pushed my middle finger into Becky’s silky, wet pucci. Becky groaned and her eyes open wide in shock as her pucci muscles clenched my finger tightly, her whole pucci contracting and throbbing at the invasion.

“Sammy what are you doing?” She asked in a half whisper and half m0an.

“Baby just relax, okay…”

She of course tried stopping from going any further, but her attempts were half hearted. I slowly pumped my finger back and forth a few times. I bent my head and flicked my tongue across the length of her pucci lips. She m0aned out in response.

“Sammy, what are you doing, please stooooppp….”

“Baby, relax. I won’t have S£x with you, I promise.”

That one taste of her was never going to be enough. I had to have my tongue buried deep inside her virgin pucci. I slid down the bed, pushing Becky’s legs far apart as I lay flat on my stomach and feasted my eyes upon her.

My hands on either side of her pucci, I pulled her lips apart and slowly dragged my tongue from the bottom of her pucci right up to her tiny cl!t.

The taste of her was incredible, and I couldn’t believe how wet she was. Sliding my hands beneath her tight butt0ckz, I lifted her up slightly and buried my face into her pucci, smearing her juices across my face as my tongue and lips devoured her. The tiny little jerks of her hips against my face, along with hearing her panting and m0an!ng, were about to blow my mind.

I slowly pushed my tongue into her tiny wet hole, feeling the muscles of her virgin pucci contracting around it as I licked my baby out. I pumped my hips against the bed, imagining how incredible it would feel to have my J0yst!ck buried deep inside her wet pucci. I pulled one hand from her butt0ckz and reached up and started rubbing her swollen cl!t as I tongue fvcked her.

Suddenly her whole body went rigid, and then she started slamming her pucci against my face, softly m0an!ng ‘Sammy, Sammy, Sammy… as her pucci gushed her hot juices into my face.

While she was still riding the waves of her orgasm, I quickly decided to take advantage of her and fvck her, so I pulled off my boxers and brought out my rock hard J0yst!ck. I went in between her legs and positioned my J0yst!ck on the entrance of her pucci. She made no move to stop me as she looked physically weak. She looked straight into my eyes and said;

“Sammy, you won’t do that if you trully love me…”

What she said weakened my resolve. I knew she would hate me forever if I went ahead to have S£x with her. I pulled up and layed down on my side of the bed and slept off in no time. I woke up the next morning to the feeling of Becky’s lips around my J0yst!ck.

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