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Number 225, Katakata Street (A Story By Centino) - Season 1 - Episode 8
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There was pandemonium in the corridor so I rushed out to see. The first room on the ground floor which has been locked since I arrived at number 225 was now brimming with life.

People were going in and out of the room, some holding small bottles of alomo bitters and similar volatile spirits. Boys in all sorts of degenerate wears - sagging jeans, baggy shorts, just singlet and boxers, fez caps worn backwards and the like. I could identify all the trouble makers in the neighborhood. I saw Lukman, the one eyed barber entering the room too.

“He is back” I heard someone say.

“Who is back?”

“King Wasiu!”

I remember the story. Wasiu who sold drugs and regularly did time at Kirikiri. No one was expecting him to be back so soon. He had blown his last chance at freedom as I heard.

“Lukman started smoking because of him” Irikefe told me. “He even gave igbo to Castro.”

Castro is Mr Zubi’s eldest son. “I can imagine how that turned out.”

“Castro came home and asked his mother to marry him.”


“He slept under the staircase that night. No one could move him. He said it was Sheraton. Mr Zubi got Wasiu arrested the following day. He said that Wasiu would never see day light again. Bros, we are in trouble.”

“How so?”

“Wasiu is bad news. Now all our slippers and shoes will start going missing again. Not to talk of the heads of all the young boys and girls.”

The characters swarming the compound this morning attested to that. I went closer and peeped. He is a small man. Late twenties, light complexioned, slim with soft eyes and a kind smile. Irikefe later said to me “don’t be fooled. He is a snake. It is that innocent looks that law enforcement see and have pity on him. If not that they know him now, the first time they came to arrest him they doubted it was he after a few words with him. They left only to discover they had made a mistake and he fled by the time they returned. He charms them with that smile and sweet mouth, that day he told them the drug dealer they came to arrest was tall and hairy and wicked looking. They then found The Undertaker where he was washing at the backyard and took him away.”

I did not know there were not many people left in the room when I peeped so my eyes locked with his and he asked me inside with a sweet smile. He stood and hugged me like he always knew me and asked me to be seated next to him on the bed that had no mattress. He was telling Lukman and an avuncular gentleman in buba a story.

“I shared a cell with Rev. King. I used to wash for Bode George. We are expecting Diezani. My brother, that is not a place to be o! Only the rich and powerful can survive there. I thank God I am back.”

“We hope you have turned a new leaf.” The other man said to him.

“Yes, yes uncle. For sure. I no dey do am again. I met Christ in prison. The Reverend helped me.”

“Lies.” Irikefe later told me. “Give him two weeks.”

“Is it true that they beat up and gassed Area Fada where he went to Abuja to protest that Buhari should return or resign?”

“So I heard. He said our mumu don do. But Asari Dokubo says he is even a bigger mumu.”

“Is Buhari hearing all these things that are going on?”

“How can he hear when his ear is rotten? Is it not the ear he first went to remove when he traveled in January?”

“Haba Lukman!”

“It is what I heard.”

“I want to go and join Area Fada. He is my hero,” Wasiu said.

“It seems you are already missing Kirikiri. Charley boy is a bored rich man. He wants his name back in the news. I won’t be surprised that he is planning a concert later in the year and is now trying to gain attention so that people will remember he is still alive and attend his shows. These celebrities always know what they are doing. Is it not how that one that sang olowogbogboro got everybody praying in the middle of the night and talking about him for one month then immediately after, he released his song? I don’t trust them o”. I prefer to be hungry but free.”

“It is true bros. Nothing like freedom. Abeg which match dey today? I heard they hammered Chelsea yesterday.”

“Relax guy. I will bounce back. I am buying four players before the transfer window shuts. I have a budget of two hundred and fifty million pounds.”

“Ehen, Ok lend me only five thousand naira there.” Wasiu’s uncle teased.

“Ha egbon! But you know what I mean na” Lukman said and grinned.”

“You fools, Wasiu’s uncle said and rose. Turning to Wasiu he said “For your own good, be a good boy. This is the last time I will lift a finger to get you out of jail.”

“Thank you sir” Wasiu said and prostrated.

The man strode out without looking back.

Outside there was commotion. Akunna was supine on the floor in only boxers and they were pouring water on him.
“He just received a phone call that his mother is on her way to visit him and he fainted.”

“But why?”

“It is his mother that first noticed that all his children look like Talabi the tailor.”

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