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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 1
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In a small town under Olutan local government in Ogun state, there is the
name of a town called Irewole. Many years ago, the town was well-known for
its blatant peace and a fertile ground, good for farmers. The town was the
type to be characterized as a town filled with milk and honey. The
fertility of the land had attracted foreigners to come and invest and build
companies in the town. Thereby, contributing on development to the town.

Everything was flourishing under the reign of the king before catastrophe
befell the land. The stings of death was seen devouring loved ones and
siblings every day. King Alayande wasn’t at peace in his palace
anymore…Then one day.

In the king’s palace was the chief priest, Chief Aremu okin, the otun of
Irewole land and chief Adedeji, the balogun of Irewole, King Alayande and
his Queen, Queen Adeola. After 15minutes of incantations by the chief
priest, he looked up to the king and the chiefs and said;
Chief priest: My king, the oracle has spoken.
King Alayande: Falade, what has the oracle said this time? Ehn, tell me.

What was he looking at while all these were happening to us?
Chief Priest: My king, we have all slept too long before consulting the
oracle. The oracle does not lie.

Queen Adeola: Falade, what has the oracle said? Is there a solution to all
of these deaths across the land?

Chief Priest? My Queen, we now have a solution to all these problem in the

Everybody sat right…

Chief Aremu Okin: Baba Falade, what are we going to do? What is the Ifa

Chief Adedeji: Baba, we have been longing for a solution to all of these
problems. I have lost two of my relatives. I can’t afford to lose more.

Please tell us what to do.

Chief Priest: Chief Otun, Balogun, calm down. What the oracle said was that
the land needs a total cleansing.

King Alayande: How are we going to do that?
Chief Priest: Kabiesi, we are going to do a community rite. We will observe
“Oro” Queen Adeola: Oro ke!

Chief Aremu: Oro bawo? When are we going to do that?

Chief Priest: Owo o gbodo pe ni isa akeke (the hand must not stay too long
in the scorpion’s pen). This is a matter of urgency Kabiesi.

King Alayande: Ohun to ba ti ya ko tun pemo (when it is about time,
hesitation is evitable) Falade, prepare the necessary things we are going
to use. We will start out tomorrow.

The chief priest stands up and bows to the king.

Somewhere in Akwa ibom…

Corper’s lodge
Felicia: Seyi, don’t tell me you won’t be spending the Easter break here.
Seyi: F-Jay, no joor, I need to spend some time with my fiancée.

Felicia: Your fiancée kwa. Fiancée wey no dey call you? Ehn.
Seyi: Trust me girl, Daniel is just busy. He is the most caring and loving
guy I have ever met.
Felicia: Abeggi. Have you seen my own bobo ni?
Seyi: See jealousy o. Lemme quickly pack jare. I will be leaving first
thing friday morning.

Felicia: Have you called him about your coming?
Seyi: No girl, I want to make this a surprise visit.

Felicia: Surprise visit? What if you don’t meet him at home?
Seyi: I trust him dear. He is around. He told me he does not have any plans
of travelling for Easter.

Felicia: But I would still have advised you call him before travelling.

Seyi: I want to make it a surprise visit girl.
Felicia: sebi na lagos?

Seyi: No na. Na ogun state, somewhere around Irewole side sha.

Felicia: Babe, just be careful sha. So when are you coming back?

Seyi: I’ll be back by easter Monday.
Felicia: Omo faaji loo wa o ( na enjoyment you dey o)

Seyi: (Laughs) abeggi. Make you sef go enjoy your Easter here

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