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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 3
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Chief Wilson paused for some seconds before speaking to the phone again.

Chief Wilson: No, don’t kill him. I want him to suffer. I want him to feel
the pains I felt when he made me lose the election. Study him, watch all
his movement. I will tell you when to strike.
Phillipo: Ok chief. As your lordship pleases. He hung up then put a call
through to Fredo who was waiting anxiously for philipo’s call before
swinging into action.

Fredo: Boss…

Phillipo: Fredo, you and shadow should watch his movement. Follow him
everywhere he goes but do not kill him. I repeat do not strike at him, okay?
Fredo: (Feeling disappointed) ok boss.

Then he hung up.

Two days later…

In the hotel room where Kim and Ola lodged
Kim was seen working with her laptop while Ola was still busy sleeping in

Kim: Sweetie. Honey.
Then Ola turned from one side of the bed to the other.

Kim: Sweetie, wake up! (She stood up and slammed me in my butts) Ola: Hey
common, Kim, is it morning yet?
Kim: Oh baby, its 7am already. Wake up.
Ola: Let me sleep a bit more. Honey
Kim: I just received a mail from my boss Dr. George.

Ola: George? (Sat on the bed) what happened? Hope it’s not what I am
Kim: (turned to me) I was called back to work. My leave as been called off
due to some emergencies.
Ola: Oh my! (Scratching my head) It’s just the second week.

Kim: I need to leave this evening. I just booked a flight online back to
the states. You’ll have to drive me to the airport.

Ola: What? So soon?
Kim: Yes love. Duty calls (she smiles)
By 12noon, I drove Kim out of the home, heading out to the Muritala
Muhammed international airport. We waited for an hour before Kim’s flight
was announced.

Don’t worry Kim. I’ll be coming over next week, okay? I said I’ll be
waiting Ola. I love you. Kim said hugging me.
Love you more sweetie. I said before she finally departed.

Seyi’s POV

The young shall grow bus finally got to Iyana Ipaja around 8.20pm. The
journey was so exhausting but I had no choice rather than to bear it since
I couldn’t afford to pay for flight from Uyo to Lagos which might just be
an hour, 20 minutes journey. I alighted from the bus, crossed over to the
other side of the raod to join a bus going to tollgate. It was 9.30pm, the
bike man dropped me in front of Daniel’s house. I was tempted to call him
to come outside of his gate to pick me up but I wanted him catch him by a
surprise. I want him to open his door and scream for joy when he sees me. I
walked in to the compound and saw an average man whom I presume might be
the landlord sitting on a long bench with his transistor radio. I greeted
him and asked for Daniel’s room. The third room by the right. Baba Landlord

I walked there being nervous but happy I was going to spend the next couple
of days in the arms of the man whom I loved so much. Getting to his
doorstep, I opened the door only to see the greatest shock of my life!

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